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«Siste dans» to be released on DVD and Blu-ray September 14!

The one-year anniversary of Kaizers’ final performance to be celebrated with a release!

 The historical evening at DNB Arena in Stavanger, known as «Siste dans» [«Last Dance»], was filmed by the production company Monster and streamed lived online and to select movie theaters on September 14, 2013, and it is this version that is now being made available for fans on DVD and Blu-ray. Three hours of unedited live performance, the last night with the gang, in real-time!

The release is the band’s own initiative, but fans have had some influence on the decision, as usual. Rune Kaizer explains:   

- There have been many enquiries and requests regarding «Siste dans» from people who want to relive this special evening through the cameras. After having reviewed the footage, we found that it was worth sharing with the world.

- How was it for you to see the show again?

- It has taken us some time to build up the energy to make any kind of decision regarding the footage from that night. Kaizers is a "all-in" type operation, and this last year we have all been sot off "all-off" Kaizers. But when we now finally got around to watching the material, it was really fun. Time creates emotional distance, and so ev....

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New releases: Trilogy box set and Opera House-DVD!

(Photo: Paal Audestad) "A night at the Opera" one of the highligts of Kaizers career, now available on DVD and Bluray!

The oil barrel is no....

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Exit music

(The last known photo of Kaizers members before the photographer was kicked out of the backstage area.) Last weekend, a 12 year long Kaizers crusade came to an end, and then... there was life. - Th.... Read More