News: All you need to know about Volume III !
Posted: Oct, 31, 2012

(So, this is how it looks: Violeta, Violeta Volume III. Cover: Martin Kvamme)

On Friday November 2 the third and final chapter of the Violeta, Violeta trilogy will finally be out! (International date: January 25th)

International release: VVv3 will be available in a jewel case version in the countries where Kaizers have distribution (you know who you are). In all others countries probably you can get it through or something if you want the actual cd. It will be available digitally through iTunes and also through streaming services like Spotify. Basically, hopefully you´ll find the album where you usually go for checking out music. The release date for countries outside of Norway, regardless of physical distribution, has been set to January 25. Many people find this strange, given this thing called the Internet, but the late release date has its reasons, promo set up being one of them. Not everyone follow the Kaizer internet sites and therefore we are dependent on getting the news through via traditional platforms. This takes time, also a lot of foreign press are monthly magazines with early deadlines, and if you do the math you´ll understand the timing here. Also the members of the band need to have time to follow up on the release abroad, interviews and such, and therefore have to attend to these after the release in Norway is done. Add to that the fact that releasing an album abroad in december or early january would be total futility, you got some reasons for the wait.

Now, here is some general info and some specifics for the norwegian release of the album:

The Violeta, Violeta trilogy will reach its conclusion this upcoming Friday, with the release of the third chapter of the story of Violeta, Beatrice, Kenneth and the others. As already mentioned in a few band interviews, this album takes Kaizers Orchestra into a symphonic rock-musical-esque soundscape, where traditional song structures are forced to give way to overlapping themes and major fluctuations in ambience, often within the same song. This might sound ominously pompous, but we can assure all skeptics that the Kaizerian catchiness and energy are still very much present! The band’s unique and distinctive sound is still solidly intact, we guarantee it! You might have to give the album a few spins on the stereo, but it will be worth it. Trust us on that one.

Volume III was, like the two previous albums, recorded in Duper Studio in Bergen, with Yngve Sætre and Jørgen Træen as producers. The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra appears on nine out of the ten songs and thereby constitutes an important component of the album sound. Erlend Skomsvoll has written all of the orchestral arrangements, and in general one could say that this is the most grandiose and costly project Kaizers Orchestra has ever been involved in.

A little bit about the different formats the album will be available in:

The CD version will be available in two editions: one regular jewel case edition and one limited digipack edition. The album contents of these two editions will be the same, but the digipack edition will have gold foil on the cover and will be available in a number of 4000 copies. The observant fan will recognize this number from the two previous volumes, which also had a digipack edition of 4000 copies.

 Vinyl: Two versions here as well. Since the album has a length of 60 minutes, the vinyl edition will be double. We have a regular, black, double gatefold vinyl in a first edition of 3500 copies. This will be reprinted if there is a great enough demand.

Then there is an exclusive limited edition double gatefold color vinyl (white). Only 500 copies will be printed of this version, ever. These will be sold at selected stores in Norway. (Check the norwegian version of this news story for details on where!)

Digital: In addition, the album will be available digitally. At iTunes it will be available in a Mastered for iTunes version (24bit). We’re also working on having a version with a digital cover released and expect to have it available on the release date. The album will also be available at in a FLAC format, hopefully on the release date.

Streaming: The album is expected to be available on the release date at both Spotify and WiMP. If the album should not be available at Spotify on the release date, that is a matter which has to do with Spotify’s internal systems, not us.

Beyond this, stay tuned on Facebook for updates on record signing sessions in connection with the release of Volume III!