News: «Siste dans» to be released on DVD and Blu-ray September 14!
Posted: Aug, 18, 2014

The one-year anniversary of Kaizers’ final performance to be celebrated with a release!

 The historical evening at DNB Arena in Stavanger, known as «Siste dans» [«Last Dance»], was filmed by the production company Monster and streamed lived online and to select movie theaters on September 14, 2013, and it is this version that is now being made available for fans on DVD and Blu-ray. Three hours of unedited live performance, the last night with the gang, in real-time!

The release is the band’s own initiative, but fans have had some influence on the decision, as usual. Rune Kaizer explains:   

- There have been many enquiries and requests regarding «Siste dans» from people who want to relive this special evening through the cameras. After having reviewed the footage, we found that it was worth sharing with the world.

- How was it for you to see the show again?

- It has taken us some time to build up the energy to make any kind of decision regarding the footage from that night. Kaizers is a "all-in" type operation, and this last year we have all been sot off "all-off" Kaizers. But when we now finally got around to watching the material, it was really fun. Time creates emotional distance, and so even though things were pretty busy and hectic at the end there, it is obvious to us now that what remains is the music and our special relationship with our fans. That’s a nice thing. We always try to look to the future, but sometimes it is nice to stop and look at some of the good memories, too. And this is definitely one of those.

- On previous releases you have edited the material quite a bit before releasing it, but this time you’re planning to release an uncut version?

- Yes, we have edited earlier releases in the sense that we have removed some unnecessary nonsense and chatter, but this time we thought it would fit in with the concept to release the whole thing unedited and unfiltered, just the way it was filmed and edited then and there. All we’ve done is to mix the sound and, due to copyright reasons, remove the “Russian Dance” intro. Beyond that, it’s the whole show in real-time.

- This will be the fifth concert that you release on DVD and Blu-ray. It seems likely that Kaizers will live a long time yet on people’s TV- and computer screens, wouldn’t you say?

- Earlier we have released the Kvarteret show from Bergen in 2002 (included on the “A night at the Opera” DVD), the Vega show from Copenhagen in 2005, the Spektrum show from Oslo in 2011 and the Opera show from Oslo in 2013, and now we’re adding “Siste dans” to that catalogue. Together, these releases will paint you a comprehensive picture of our development as a live act. “Siste dans” feels like a right and natural final chapter to the story.


But wait, there’s more! What is a DVD release without some exciting bonus material? As part of this 2-disc package you’ll also get the full version of TV Vest’s Kaizers documentary from 2013: six hours of interviews, clips from the archive and fly-on-the-wall footage from the band’s final year. In addition you will get a one-hour bonus episode of Janove’s School of Songwriting, in which Janove, the main Kaizer himself, presents us with full frontal dissection of his own songwriting.


Note! Until further notice, «Siste dans» will only be available at Kaizers’ own web store,  

We’ll be back soon with information on price and presale!