News: A night at the Opera !
Posted: Jan, 24, 2013

(Photo: Arne Bru Haug. Helge outside the Operahouse.

Volume III Tour opening show at the Opera House a grandiose success!

National newspapers VG, Dagbladet, Aftenposten and Dagsavisen are in complete agreement that the Opera House, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Kaizers Orchestra are a perfect fit. The premiere show on Tuesday this week has received brilliant reviews in every paper!

- It exceeded all our expectations! Janove Kaizer concludes. - I would actually go as far as to say that it was the highlight of our career so far. When we played “Begravelsespolka” [“Funeral Polka”] at the end, the atmosphere was electric. It was quite simply amazing!

- You’re not used to performing in front of a sitting audience. Did that put you off?

- We have played in front of a sitting audience two times that I can remember. When you’re putting on an energetic rock show, a sitting crowd is not ideal. But this show is based on the music and the listening experience more than the rock energy and the sing-a-long atmosphere that we’re known for creating, so in that sense it was strange and new, but considering the setting, it felt right.

- I have to say, the setting suits the Volume III material very well!

- It was a real kick playing the Volume III songs live for the first time, finally, together with Erlend Skomsvoll, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and the Oslo Philharmonic Choir. All of us on stage got goosebumps, and it seemed like the audience did, too.

- And now it’s just a matter of keeping on in the same manner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

- Sure, it’s full throttle from here on out. We knew we had a good live energy, but to go on stage in a venue such as the Opera Main House together with 90 people was really a new experience. Now that we have two successful shows behind us, we can relax a little and thoroughly enjoy the three shows that remain!

- You have decided to only play material from the Violeta, Violeta albums during these shows. Considering the live potential of your remaining back catalogue, that couldn’t have been an easy decision?

- No, but we decided to keep it tidy and true to the concept. For a while we considered including older songs, but since we only have one hour and forty-five minutes at our disposal and we already had decided to play Volume III back to back, we were forced to make a choice. The trilogy is so varied anyway that we feel we get to show all our various sides with this repertoire. It seems like the audience agrees with our choice, and the press too, and that’s nice.

So, in other words, if you have a ticket for one of the remaining shows on Friday, Saturday or Sunday you have a lot to look forward to!