News: Duper inside report!
Posted: Mar, 15, 2010

After 12 days in Duper Studio in Bergen, Kaizers Orchestra have now recorded 90 % of all the tracks on volume one of the planned trilogy. Both the band and the Duper producers are pleased with the way things are progressing. We spoke to chief ideologist Janove "The Jackal" Kaizer for an inside report.

- Our objective is to make an album that no other band in the world be able to make. We want to change and develop, but stay something completely unique. Our intent is to renew Kaizers Orchestra and expand our musical horizon in all directions. That's what we're doing now, and personally I think these songs make for some splendid album material. I´m obliged to say that of course, being Kaizers Orchestras biggest fan in the world and all, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

- You're in Duper Studio, with both Dupermen, Jørgen Træen and Yngve Sætre, in the producer chairs. The ideal conditions for Kaizers Orchestra, wouldn't you say?

- Well, we haven't worked with very many others during our career, but it's great to have Jørgen and Yngve on board. They both have an intimate knowledge of our music, as well as our strengths and weaknesses as a band. We feel that they're the best qualified people to take part in the continued development of our music, and that is a great source of confidence.  

- Lyrics-wise, this trilogy that you're making will have a certain theme running through it. What's it like to be thinking up and developing a concept again?

- We'll be introducing a whole new conceptual and textual universe, and I really like that. An entirely new repertoire has opened up to me, and I've had a lot of fun exploring and writing lyrics from this new universe.

- Are you at liberty to tell us a bit more about the songs and their titles?

- We have a dance floor tune called "Tumor i ditt hjerte", a beautiful Kaizer pop song called "Drøm videre, Violeta" and a drone song entitled "Svarte katter og flosshatter", to mention a few. The songs are very dissimilar and represent quite different ambiences. One song is nothing like the next... This time around, all kinds of weird references are being mentioned, from Bowie, Beatles, Serge Gainsbourg, The Clash, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, Beyoncé, Violent Femmes to Dr Dre, as well as the usual suspects Tom Waits, Radiohead and Beck. But most of all, it's Kaizers Orchestra.    

- And how does the lead singer feel about the recording session so far?

- It's a mental relief to have put twelve songs down on tape. My head has been brimming with musical ideas lately, and that takes its toll. It's a great relief to get it out and down on tape, and see the soundscape unfold beneath the Duper sky. Otherwise, the recording has gone quite smoothly, really. We've been well prepared and very focused, even though we've been working long days. But at the same time we're not in the habit of dwelling on details. None of us have been allowed to listen to our respective solo tracks in the control room. If a song works as a whole, we leave it at that. Today we're adding strings, so I've got to scoot now!  

- Very well, then. Good luck!