News: Eight out of eight for Kaizers!
Posted: Nov, 9, 2012

(Photo: Paal Audestad)

They’ve done it again! For the eighth album in a row, Kaizers Orchestra has captured first place on the official Norwegian chart, the VG chart, this time with Violeta, Violeta Volume III! The band’s iron fist grip on the record-buying audience remains just as strong as it was when their debut album Ompa til du dør hit the Norwegian music scene like a bucket of cold water back in 2001!

- Congratulations on yet another first place on the VG chart!

- Thank you! It is unbelievable, says Geir Kaizer, who is currently enjoying a short break between the album release last weekend and the upcoming rehearsals for the Volume III tour in December. – People usually refer to us as “a great live act”, but it’s becoming evident that we’re “a great album act” as well. Eight out of eight possible first places is just insane! We’re quite simply overwhelmed!

- Do you know of any other bands that have pulled off such a feat?

- I have no idea, but there can’t be too many that can boast the same statistics. We kind of feel like the Beatles here! It’s really cool, and we just can’t thank our amazing fans enough for their devotion and trust. It’s overwhelming that so many people have gone out and bought a new album they are completely unfamiliar with. Especially this time around!

- Yes, because this is undoubtedly a rather special record? And as expected, critics have divided into two distinct camps with regard to Volume III?

- Yeah, there are those who think we have gone exactly as far as we should go, and there are those who think we have gone too far. It’s an either-or situation. In other words, it’s business as usual. But this album in particular is not an album that you can listen to once or twice and then write an insightful review. It is not your run of the mill, assembly line album, so to speak, because it requires the listener to really listen, and preferably over a longer period of time. In addition, Volume III is part of a larger whole that includes the live versions of the songs, which no one has heard yet, and the musical version, whenever that’ll be out, in which the drama and suspension are more emphasized. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration here. Like we have said before, we’ll talk about this again in five or ten years, then we’ll be in a position to pass proper judgment on Volume III and the trilogy concept as a whole. But at this point it’s too early to tell.

- This week, Kaizer fans have really lived up to their reputation as the greatest fans in Norway, haven’t they?

- No doubt! The fact that they’ve sent us straight to the top of the VG chart for the eighth time in a row really says it all. We’re incredibly grateful for our audience. We’re not a secretive and shy band that is most comfortable playing in a basement with the curtains drawn. The devotion from fans is the fuel that this band runs on. Their support is invaluable to us.

- The public will have a little time now to get acquainted with Volume III before you guys go on tour in January. What will next year be like for you?

- Having some time now to get acquainted with the album is important, I think. We hope that those who know us and understand what we’re trying to accomplish will see Volume III as a logical and natural musical progression for Kaizers Orchestra. And live-wise we’ll be taking things to a whole new level, that is a promise! Next year will be amazing!

 - Congratulations once again. We can’t wait!