News: En for orgelet, en for meg EP available now!
Posted: Jun, 16, 2011

Four new versions of "En for orgelet, en for meg" from Violeta, Violeta Vol. I with guest rappers now available at iTunes !


- We got the idea when we were doing the vocals for the song. It was a Saturday night and spirits were high. It was actually the same evening that the Norwegian Grammy Awards 2010 took place in Oslo, so both Terje and Yngve had gone to the capital to hang out with the upper crust of the Norwegian music biz, recalls Janove Kaizer.

- It started out with us singing the song in different Norwegian dialects just to amuse ourselves, but we soon found it quite entertaining and cool. From there on out the ideas just kept getting better, and finally we found ourselves wanting to hear guest rappers bust some rhymes to the Kaizer groove in foreign languages! Instead of letting it remain just a good after-party idea, we got right on it the next day and started looking for guest artists to appear on the track. And now the song is finally done!


- What made you think of these guest rappers in particular?


- Timbuktu is kind of self-evident. He is probably the best known swedish rapper in Norway and he is a very eclectic artist, very cool guy. Tommy Tee is the godfather of Norwegian hip hop, and I've always wanted to have him do a Kaizer remix. With this song the opportunity finally presented itself. It's great to hear the song remixed by an artist who has a very different approach to music, his remix brings out other qualities in the song than our version do, so that is very interesting. Prinz Pi we found through our German promotion agency, and Blaxtar through our Dutch record label. They've both made very cool versions! One can't help but chuckle a little bit when an incomprehensible language like ours is mixed with other incomprehensible languages in this way! Great stuff!


- Yes indeed, but where is the English version?


- Kaizers only use English in interviews ... and when pulling April Fool's pranks.


En for orgelet, en for meg EP will only be released digitally. It is available at iTunes in Norway, Denmark and all areas where Kaizers have no record distribution.  In Sweden, Germany and Holland only the "local" version of the song is available.

The EP is also available at Platekompaniet and WiMP, among other places – and it will also be available at Spotify soon, hopefully (this is up to Spotify, not Kaizers or their recordlabel).