News: European tour coming up!
Posted: Dec, 17, 2010

This spring Kaizers Orchestra will finally be going on tour abroad again! Except for the biz convention Eurosonic in The Netherlands in January this year, and also one summer festival in Denmark last year, the band has not performed on foreign soil since December 2008. It's about time to reclaim "kontroll på kontinentet", so to speak!

 For a period of one month, from March 9 to April 9, Kaizers will be touring abroad, presenting Volume 1 of the Violeta, Violeta trilogy to the people. Ten countries are included on the tour list, and first up are four gigs in Denmark!

 - Denmark feels almost like home to us, we're always very well received there, so it's a good place to start, says drummer Rune Kaizer, who lately has worked intensely on tour production and logistics in collaboration with sound engineer Berntsen and manager Brydøy.

 - For the first time ever we'll be taking a full production on the road outside of Norway. Earlier, we've always scaled down our tours abroad, to make things simpler and cheaper, and at all possible to carry out, but this time around we'll be bringing along the whole Kaizers sha-bang in a separate truck and go blazing down the Autobahn. We like the new album so much that we want to make a little extra fuss live-wise, too!

 - You've gradually established a rather fixed and steady tour route, consisting of ten countries, give or take a couple. Has your need to explore new territory diminished? Is that why you choose not to tour more countries?

 - It has become evident that that our natural markets are Scandinavia, the Benelux and the GAS countries (GAS: Germany, Austria and Switzerland). In addition, we also might stop by Spain, France, the Czech Republic or Italy for a little exotic input. But opening new markets is expensive, and that limits any intentions in that direction. We've previously played all the cities that we'll be stopping by on the tour and we've really enjoyed performing there, and therefore it'll be great to return with new material and a new show!

 Check out the tour list here! (A few dates are still missing. They'll be added shortly.)

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