News: Follow Kaizers on the road!
Posted: Mar, 16, 2012

(Photo: Geir Zahl. Arne Bru Haug, also known as The Photographer, practicing taking spy shots in Frankfurt, Germany.)

Arne Bru Haug is the Kaizers merch peddler on the Volume II tour, and among all the t-shirts and hoodies he keeps a camera that he uses to document life on the road with Kaizers.

 Check out Arne’s photo page!


- I bought my first reflex camera at the age of 14, when my family and I were on vacation in Germany. I instantly fell in love with the clicking sound that it makes. By the time we got to Denmark a few days later, I had already shot 20 rolls of film. During the time that has passed since, which would be 16 years, I have taken a lot of pictures and become deeply interested in the art of photography, says Stavanger native Haug, who also works as an illustrator and graphic designer when he’s not out on the road working up his mileage with a certain shady orchestra.

 - What’s it like to be on tour with Kaizers, then?

 - It’s a good life, great people to be on the road with and good times! During the day, our little photo club, Constanze, go out into whatever city we’re in and do some clicking, and the rest of the day we’re usually busy with rigging, soundcheck, dinner, gig and then a couple of beers after the show. I have never been on a tour of this scale before, so for me it’s pretty exciting and exotic.

 - Let’s get a little nerdy. What kind of equipment have you used to shoot the photos that are posted on your page?

 - I have used a camera that I bought recently, a Canon 5D MkII, mainly with an EF 24-70 1:1,8 L lens. And I have processed the photos, of course. I try to give each photo the appropriate ambience.

 - Are you  the new Paal Audestad, certified and official Kaizers photographer?

 - He he, well, if that’s the case, that would be some pretty big shoes to fill! No, Paal does his thing and I do mine. What we have in common, though, is that the band has given us unrestricted access, we get to be a fly on the wall, both on and off stage, and that gives us an opportunity to take some fairly unique pictures. I guess we’ll just have to see, then, if I’m able to make proper use of that opportunity!

 Like we said, check out the link above!