News: Full scale European tour coming up
Posted: Mar, 9, 2011

Today, Wednesday March 9, marks the start of Kaizers Orchestra's Violeta, Violeta Vol. I European tour. The tour opens at a sold-out Store Vega in Copenhagen, Denmark, and will continue throughout ten European countries before culminating in the Kaizerfest of all time in the grand venue of Oslo Spektrum on April 9, exactly one month from now!

The Kaizers are packing a new album and are ready for the road, but there is something that separates this tour from previous ones: This is the first time the guys will be going on tour abroad with a full live production. To put it more clearly, this means that audiences abroad will get to see the exact same show that Norwegian audiences have seen. In other words, this is the band's first full-scale international tour!

 In addition, the band will, as usual, bring along a one-man support act, and we are, as usual, talking about an artist picked from among the cream of the crop. Jarle Bernhoft is a name most Norwegians are familiar with, but we feel that a short introduction for our European audience is in order. During the first years of the 2000s, Jarle Bernhoft was the lead singer of the Norwegian rock act Span, but since then he has moved on into soul territory and released two studio albums, of which the latest, entitled Solidarity Breaks, has been listed among the top five on the official Norwegian album chart ever since its release four weeks ago. Live-wise, he is currently gaining a reputation as a one-man army; he is all alone on stage, but always delivers mind-blowing performances. He recently sold out Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo all by himself, so it's safe to say that Jarle Bernhoft is on a roll these days!

 -       Congratulations on your current success both with the album and your live performances, Jarle!

-       Thank you very much!

-       This is not your first European tour?

-       No, I have been on a couple of those already, actually. The first time around I was the support act for Maria Mena on a tour in Germany, and down there I bumped into some people who, it turned out, worked for Joe Cocker, and a while later I was invited to come along on his arena tour of Germany. You simply can't turn down an offer like that from somebody who performed at Woodstock. So I played support at 18 of his concerts, and I reckon I performed in front of almost 100.000 people in total during the tour.

 -       And now you're going on tour with Kaizers Orchestra?

-       Yes, I'm definitely rising through the ranks now. It's going to be a lot of fun, I'm sure!

It most certainly will! Check the gig list here!