News: Happy New Year!
Posted: Jan, 12, 2012


2011 was an especially eventful year for Kaizers Orchestra. The band marked their 10-year anniversary by releasing no less than two studio albums, Violeta, Violeta Volume I and II, and they've also climbed to record-breaking heights on the radio charts with "Hjerteknuser", "1000 dråper regn" and last but not least, "Drøm videre, Violeta".

The guys have played 58 concerts this year, of which 33 have been abroad, they have sold out Oslo Spektrum and Koengen in Bergen, and in addition they've headlined festivals like Roskilde, Øya, Rått & Råde, Slottsfjell and Moldejazz, to mention a few. The stage play "Sonny" – a dramatization of the first three Kaizers albums written by Tore Renberg – has been running at the Rogaland Theater in Stavanger since November last year, where it has been a thundering success. The play will be staged the Norwegian Opera in Oslo next month, from 6th to the 26th of February, and then again at the Rogaland Theater in November.  Add the release of Kaizer Vodka, the chocolate box "Drøm videre, Violeta" and the DVD from the Oslo Spektrum concert, and it's beginning to look a lot like a solid year's work!

 - Yes, it has truly been a great year for us, says Janove Kaizer. – The best ever, I would say, both in terms of the success we've enjoyed and the amount of fun we've had. We've released new material, had a great time on tour and given some really good, large-scale performances.

- What would you point to as the highlights of the year?

- The Spektrum concert was very special to us. It was a brave decision, given that no Norwegian band, with the exception of A-ha, has sold out the venue since Morten Abel back in 2002... where we played support, by the way. The fact that the concert was sold out and went as well as it did, was definitely a great moment for us. Beyond that, it was quite an exceptional experience to play the entire Volume II live for the first time at the Øya Festival, three months prior to its release. That was a real kick. However, chartering a private jet to fly down to the Roskilde Festival to play in front of 50,000 people and then getting back on it to fly back up to Biri in Norway to play for 2,000 people there was perhaps the most extravagant experience of the year. In all, it has been a really busy but truly great year!

- And your plans for 2012 are set?

- Of course, we always think ahead, and this year we'll be touring heavily with Volume II all over Norway. We haven't properly toured the outskirts of Norway since 2006, so we feel it's about time we do that again.

- And then Volume III will be out in November?

- That's right, then the trilogy will be complete. We have already started recording it, and I just want to say this: There's a lot to look forward to, folks!

 A happy new year to all you Kaizer fans out there, we'll see you somewhere on the road in 2012!