News: Kaizers due to play Oslo Spektrum next year!
Posted: Feb, 16, 2010

After a real blast of weekend mini tour that included four of Norway's biggest cities, Kaizers Orchestra are now ready to start focusing on the future. In March, the band will hit the studio to start recording their planned trilogy Violeta, Violeta. Volume one of this trilogy is planned for release in January/February of 2011, the second volume will be out in November 2011, and the final chapter will hit the record store shelves in November 2012. The band will tour in connection with all three releases, but the "main" tour will be slotted to March-April of 2011. This will be a full-fledged European tour that will culminate in Norway – or, to be more precise, in Oslo and the 10.000 capacity venue Oslo Spektrum.

- Next year we'll be celebrating our ten-year anniversary as a record-releasing band, and that definitely is a cause for throwing a real party, says Janove "The Jackal" Kaizer. – This has been such an amazing decade for us, so we feel that an extravagant celebration is in order, and since we enjoy a bit of extravaganza, we've booked Oslo Spektrum on April 9 next year! We've never performed there before as the single attraction, and so we thought that if that were ever to happen, this is the best opportunity we'll ever get. So we went all in and just booked the place!

- Over the past few years you've been in the habit of inviting entire audiences back to your place. Do you regard this as an opportunity to finally gather them all under one roof?

- That's precisely it! This will be a special occasion, a party where we hope to gather all Kaizer fans from far and near for a real ball... sort of a once in a lifetime opportunity. It's not like we'll be playing only Spektrum-size venues from now on and become complete gigomaniacs, but it'll be wicked to have done it just this once. We feel that it's our turn now, and we hope that as many as possible will turn up.