News: Kaizers in Europe
Posted: Mar, 11, 2012

(Photo: Geir Zahl. A wide selection of garden gnomes discovered by Terje in Frankfurt, Germany.)


 A heavily touring Kaizers Orchestra currently on tour in Europe!



 - We’re playing 22 gigs in March only, so we’re quite busy these days, reports the constantly traveling Terje Kaizer while on a stroll through the streets of Frankfurt, Germany.

 – We’ve begun the European leg of the tour now. We started in Bern yesterday, and we’re heading through Germany, Holland, Denmark and Sweden before we finally end up in the Norwegian city of Røros on Saturday March 17. We’re doing fewer European gigs with Volume II than we did with Volume I, but still, there will be a few… enough for us to enjoy the spring. It’s very nice spring weather here in Frankfurt today. Really beautiful.

 - You’re not playing the cities that you usually play when you’re on tour in Europe. Why is that?

 - This time, we’re skipping the four German cities where we have the largest following, which are Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Munich. Instead, we’ll be stopping by smaller cities like Frankfurt, Leipzig and Düsseldorf. It has to do with the fact that we played those four cities when we toured with Volume I, and that we’re most likely going back there with Volume III next year, so our German booking agency thought it would be a little too much to play the same venues three years in a row. It’s better to widen the grid, so to speak.

 - Last year, you played more gigs abroad than in Norway. Will you be focusing on your home country this year?

 - Yeah, we really wanted to tour heavily in Norway this time around, something which we haven’t done since 2006. So far, the tour has been great, and it will be full steam ahead through March and April, you know, only interrupted by Easter.

 Tonight, Kaizers will be giving their only performance in Holland on this tour, at Tivoli in Utrecht!