News: Kaizers looking back at a highly eventful decade!
Posted: Jan, 5, 2010

Who would have guessed that a clattering, ompa-loving bunch of guys from Western Norway would leave such an imprint on the first decade of the 21st century? They came as a lightning bolt from a clear, blue sky and, surprisingly enough, managed keep going strong throughout the entire decade.Skål! - The decade has been one helluva great ride, The Jackal sums up from his lair back in Stavanger, in between cooking up some stuffing and a Waldorf salad. 

- It wasn't until the after the millennium that we finally got some wind in our sails, but when we did, things really started to happen. We strived throughout the entire 90s, you know, made songs, recorded them and kept at it without getting any kind of response to the things we did, so when we finally discovered the formula, found the right band constellation and things started going our way, we were pretty eager not to spoil our chance!

- What do you think are the biggest highlights from the past decade?

- Hmm, well, I'm not quite sure. The release of 'Ompa til du dør' with the following 'Ompa til du Tour' tour was quite an adventure. We made an album in six days that nobody but us had a lot of faith in, we went all out and won, and that was a real kick, of course. Then we played an amazing gig, appearantly, at Roskilde in 2002 that opened a few doors for us internationally. One might say that our international efforts culminated with the German branch of Universal signing us in connection with the release of 'Maestro' in 2005. That's probably the biggest highlight, I think, us showing some guts and going all out in connection with an album that in my opinion is our best. After that we took some time off, so that we all could explore other projects. In addition it was about this time that record companies were really starting to notice the decline in CD sales, so we had to figure out new ways to steer the Kaizer ship and become more self-reliant.

- 2009 has also been a good year for you?

- Yeah, we started out by going into the studio to record a "secret" album in January. We did that because we got such outstanding response to the B-sides tour we did in the fall of 2008. Our fans have really familiarized themselves with our back catalogue, and therefore we thought it would be a good idea to let them hear the songs we have left out from our albums through the years, and in addition explain to them why we made the choices we did. Also, it was great to finally get a radio hit after ten years with "Prosessen". As it says in the sleeve of 'Våre Demoner', we didn't include that song on 'Ompa til du dør' because we thought it would be a hit, and it turned out that it was. It was great fun to be right about that.

- As for the future, you won't be resting on your laurels very long?

- No, we're looking forward to being done with all this summing up and gazing back at the past. We're currently working very hard on new material, we're due for a recording session in March, and we're still aiming to make the best Kaizer album ever.

Kaizer News wishes our boys good luck in the studio and all you faithful fans out there a happy new year!