News: Kaizers play London!
Posted: Nov, 9, 2012

(Photo: Geir Zahl. Janove and Kaizers head to London for the first time in april 13!

For the first time in their 12-year long career, Kaizers Orchestra sets course for the homeland of pop music!

The country that other bands often try their luck in first, Kaizers Orchestra has saved for last. On April 25 2013 the Norwegian sextet will touch down English soil for the first time. The band, which so far has turned down the Glastonbury Festival, will finally be arriving in the music metropolis London to perform one night at the 1600 capacity venue Koko.

After the legendary Roskilde performance back in the summer of 2002 opened up the European market for the energetic Norwegian six-piece, the band has gone on European tours regularly. No one could understand what they were saying, but they understood what they meant, and that was enough. So far, Kaizers Orchestra has visited 13 countries outside of Norway, but England has never been one of them – until now, that is.

- England has never really fit in with our plans, says Janove Kaizer. – In addition, there are a lot of unwritten rules, norms and rituals you need to observe in order to stand a chance at all. We never bothered with that, and focused on taking control on the continent instead. And we’ve been happy with that. But now, in our last year this time around, we wanted to make the trip. We have a few fans over there, a lot of Norwegians live there, and Koko is a great venue for stopping by and saying hello. We think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

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