News: Kaizers set new radio record i Norway!
Posted: Oct, 16, 2011

The second single from Volume II, "Drøm videre, Violeta", has climbed to third place on the Norwegian radio single chart, a new high for Kaizers Orchestra!



 (Photo: Geir Zahl.  Yet another reason for Terje and Janove to pop the champagne! This photo was taken in Luxembourg earlier this year.)

 Watch Igor Devold's documentary music video for the song here!

See the trailer for "Kaizers Orchestra live in Oslo Spektrum here!

 So far, Kaizers Orchestra have been a notorious album band, but lately they have been getting more and more radio airtime as well. Earlier this year, "Hjerteknuser" from Volume I climbed to fifth place on the Norwegian radio single chart, but now "Drøm videre, Violeta" has reached third place – and it's still only in its third week on the chart! In other words, it might not have peaked yet!

 - We're thrilled! This means that P3 is not the only Norwegian radio channel that plays Kaizers anymore, and that is what constitutes the difference from previous albums, Janove Kaizer observes analytically on the phone from Stavanger.

 - Indeed, congrats! But were you expecting this?

 - In our line of business, having expectations is something one should be very cautious about, but there is no denying that we are currently on a roll. There's a lot going on around us these days. We have just released a new single, and we'll have a joint release of Volume II, the Spektrum DVD and the stage play "Sonny" on November 11. Also, we have some big tour plans for next year, and we're also working on Volume III as well. And since we now, as it turns out, have managed to make songs that get played on the radio a lot, that inspires us to keep going. We've had a taste of that pie, so to speak, and now we want more!

 - Do you have any comments on the documentary music video you have released?

 - So far, we haven't made any regular music videos for this album, so we had Igor Devold make this one instead. Igor goes on the road with us every now and then, and I suppose he plans on making some kind of Kaizers documentary at some point. This video can perhaps be regarded as a small pre-taste of what's to come. It's a kind of summing-up-2011 video, with an emphasis on the gigs we played at the Øya Festival and Roskilde. It's great, brings back memories!