News: Kaizers to Eurosonic
Posted: Jan, 5, 2010

After a legendary concert at the Roskilde Festival in the summer of 2002, Kaizers Orchestra were invited to play at the Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, The Netherlands, in January 2003. Now, seven years after they made blasé music industry people dance "ompa" and sing "hallelujah" as loud as they could, the band can look back on several hundred shows throughout the countries of Europe. Many doors were opened after that one successful gig in Groningen.

Kaizers Orchestra have now been invited once again to the Eurosonic Festival, this time as a "special guest". Eurosonic is not in the habit of re-inviting bands that have performed there before, but since Norway is a focus country this year, and since Kaizers have become exactly what Eurosonic set out to make of them, there will be a reunion when the festival takes in just over a week!  

In addition, EBU (European Broadcasting Union) wants Kaizers to perform at their 10-year anniversary for live performance cooperation on Friday during the Eurosonic Festival. Since 2000, EBU has headed a cooperation on the recording of concerts and the broadcasting of these shows on radio stations in its member countries. Kaizers Orchestra will therefore be playing two concerts during this year's festival, and since they are soon to hit the studio to start recording a new album, they have promised to present some new material. We'll just have to wait and see if they can make the crowd sing "hallelujah" this year as well...    

- We're happy that Music Export Norway has worked hard this year to make Norway a focus country at Eurosonic. It turns out that for good live acts, a festival like Eurosonic can have a great effect when it comes to getting gigs throughout Europe. At least it worked for us, says Janove Ottesen. 

- How would you sum up your international career so far?

- The first 100 gigs that Kaizers Orchestra played abroad were in front of such varying numbers as 30 to 300 fans. But we saw that more and more people came to our shows each tour, and we decided to invest a part of our income from tours in Norway on touring abroad. It was a gradual process. Now, we normally play at venues with a 1000 people capacity in all the countries where we have invested a lot of time and effort. Hard work, a firm belief in the project and a sound that is distinctive enough that no other country has a band that is quite like us have given us the recognition we enjoy today. It is hard to tell whether we could have made it anyhow, but we certainly did get off to great start due to the Eurosonic Festival.