News: Kaizers to go on a four-day Norwegian tour in February!
Posted: Oct, 8, 2009

The unusual thing about this tour is that the band will be setting aside the concert revenues to pay for the production of the next album. In these times of uncertainty and change within the music industry it is necessary to find new solutions in order to ensure and maintain the same level of quality as before.

- It'll be increasingly more up to the artists themselves to find solutions as to how they are to publish their own music, says Geir Kaizer to Kaizer News. - The number of records you sell has been the traditional economical driving force of the business, and now that record sales have gone down, and digital sales are unable to compensate for this, parts of the music business eco system are quite simply breaking down. Even though downloading music has become free, we still have to pay for studio time, producers, mastering, equipment, hotel accommodation, photographers, cover design, promo, distribution, marketing and whatever else that might be required. The business is probably facing a "paradigm shift" right now. It is first and foremost an exciting challenge that requires us to make a few adjustments and get with the times.

- Is the situation serious enough to actually threaten your existence as a band?

- No, we make our living from playing live shows, so in that way it doesn't really affect us, but we do feel a certain responsibility towards the rest of the business, and so we want to join in and let the public know that free downloading has certain consequences. Smaller labels are probably the ones that suffer the most. They're having a hard time financing new albums now that record sales revenues are failing. So what we're going to do now is earn the money in advance, so that it's our fans we're selling our souls to, not the guy downstairs. We're appealing to the loyalty and trust of our fans for a project that will benefit both them and us.

- And those who buy a concert ticket will be getting a limited edition copy of the next album in the mail, you say?

- Yup, this tour will be like an advance sale of the next Kaizer album. The about 5,000 tickets can all be exchanged for a limited edition copy of our upcoming album. We haven't quite decided on the practical details yet, but we do have a plan!

Furthermore, the band states the following in a press release: "On this tour, the Kaizers will present to their beloved and faithful fans an adequate selection of highlights, obscurities, up-tempos, down-tempos and murder ballads from their comprehensive and energetic back catalogue at some of the greatest venues in Norway."