News: Kaizers to perform at Tom Waits anniversary celebration at Rockefeller!
Posted: Nov, 26, 2009

On Monday December 7 the one and only Tom Waits – a man who was born, at least according to himself, "in the backseat of a yellow taxi, with the meter still running" somewhere in Pomona, California six decades ago – turns 60. No matter what happened back then, this is a man who deserves to be duly celebrated for all the wonderful, dirty, beautiful, ugly, ambient, touching and original music he has given us.

Tom Waits has a loyal and dedicated fan base all over the globe, and there'll be celebrations both east and west, we're sure, but the Norwegian celebration, however, will take place at Rockefeller in Oslo. On Monday December 7 a wide selection of artists will gather there to celebrate their anti-hero and common source of inspiration by playing his songs. Kaizers Orchestra will of course also be there and take part – a natural contributor in this context, we reckon.    

- I guess it's no secret that we have a certain fascination for Mr Waits that reaches well beyond the average, admits Janove Kaizer with a wry smile.

– Discovering his music was like opening a door into a whole new world. Kaizers would probably never have existed if it hadn't been for Tom Waits, and even though our music has taken new directions as time has gone by, Swordfishtrombones and Rain Dogs were especially important albums to us.

But it hasn't always been a one-way thing. Mr Waits himself expressed great admiration for Kaizers Orchestra after having received a copy of the band's debut album Ompa til du dør from their common distributor in Belgium and recommended the band through a list of his 20 all-time recommendations at He wrote the following about the band: "Norwegian storm-trooping tarantellas with savage rhythms and innovative textures. Thinking man's circus music. Way out."

- This is the coolest stamp of approval we'll ever get. No award or diploma can ever hold a candle to praise from the king of the junkyard himself. That statement was really great for us, especially since at that time, certain "critical" voices claimed that all we were doing was to copy Tom Waits. If that had been the case, he would never have liked our music... and so those voices soon grew silent. 

- What are your thoughts on the anniversary at Rockefeller, then?

- Well, the weird thing is that Kaizers Orchestra has NEVER played a Tom Waits cover. Not even at rehearsals. We've played "Blind Love" and "Hang Down Your Head" and songs like that late at night at after-parties throughout the years, but as a band we've never actually done a Tom Waits song... until now! We're really looking forward to it, both to celebrating the birthday boy and to the concert at Rockefeller on December 7!  

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