News: Kaizers working the studio!
Posted: Mar, 11, 2010

(Photo: Duperman working his magic!)

Kaizer album recording well under way!

Kaizers Orchestra are currently in Bergen, a pearl of the Norwegian west coast, to record their new album in Duper Studio.
- Yeah, we're well under way. Besides, Duper Studio has moved to the sunny and posh side of town, so we're moving up in life. This is the kind of success we've been dreaming about since our student days! says Rune "Mink" Kaizer.

- Pray tell, what is the grand scheme for Kaizers Orchestra's album recording session this time around?

- This time we've teamed up with both Dupermen, that is, both "Duperman" himself, Jørgen Træen, AND Yngve Leidulv Sætre, the "Silver Fox". As you know, Jørgen produced our first three albums, developed our sound and is the closest we'll ever get to a "seventh Kaizer". Yngve is a grand old man in the producer biz, he has worked with most of the big Norwegian acts, and among other things he produced our latest release, Våre Demoner. In addition we have two assistants who help out with putting up mikes, re-rigging, tracking, coffee brewing, keeping things tidy and whatnot. In short, we've made sure that we have the best possible prerequisites to make the best possible album. It's a professional setup from A to Z... so if anything goes wrong now, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

- And how are you doing so far?

- Things are going well. We're sticking to the classic Kaizer recipe. We've written, arranged and rehearsed all the songs in advance, so all we have to do is put up our gear, press "Record" and count to four... except on "Femtakt filosofi" ["Five-beat philosophy"], where we count to five and let it rip.

- Are you on schedule?

- Yes, we are. We're recording one song per day. We've just finished recording the bass and rhythm section of a song called "Psycho under min hatt", a hot-tempered and extremely fast-paced tune. Playing it makes my forearms cramp up, but luckily one is a marathon runner and fairly well-trained!