News: The end is nigh, but there are still tickets left!
Posted: Aug, 17, 2013

Eleven Kaizers gigs remain before the crowbar is finally laid to rest – but if you still haven’t gotten a ticket for one of the last Kaizers shows, then you should you know that there is still hope. There are still tickets left for two of the eleven remaining shows, and not just any shows; no, we’re talking about two of the Kaizer boys’ all-time favorite venues and cities: Koengen in Bergen on August 31 and DNB Arena in Stavanger on September 6!


Buy tickets for Koengen in Bergen on August 31 here!

Buy tickets for DNB Arena in Stavanger on September 6 here!


- It has been an amazing festival summer so far, says Janove Kaizer. – We’re thoroughly enjoying what will be our final festival season for an indefinite while. We’ve met lots of people, it’s been full throttle all the way and loads of people, and we’re really fit for fight! We’ve been on such a high that we had to check if we could actually walk on water!


That incident was actually recorded on video, check out the clip here!


- Wow! But there is a certain difference between the festivals you’re playing now at the end of the tour compared to the shows where you’re the main act?

- Yes, there is. At festivals, the audience is more varied, or in other words, it doesn’t consist only of people who’ve come to see us. In addition, at festivals there are time limitations that we have to observe. On the other hand, at our own shows, like the ones we’re playing in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger, we’re not quite as confined, so to speak, because we know that the audience will consist of Kaizers fans, and that means we can play longer shows. We don’t have to restrict ourselves as much.

- That means that you can also experiment a little more with your set lists and choose your own support acts?

- Indeed. On the Volume II tour we played sixty different songs. That was a lot of fun, so we intend to stick to that idea on this final leg, vary the set a little more, pull some rabbits out of the hat, just see what happens. But we do have a core of songs that we play every night, so we’re not going to go completely overboard. We really hope that people will come and join us during this final month of Kaizers madness.  It’s a lot more fun that way!