News: Kaizers home turf Bryne is getting its very own “Kaizer Square”!
Posted: May, 9, 2013

(Photo: Geir Zahl. Kaizers are getting their very own square at Bryne, so now Janove won’t have to make due with just any old street when he needs a break.)

By the narrowest majority possible, 14 to 13 votes, the Time municipal council (yes indeed, and it is pronounced “tee-meh”) decided earlier this week to name the area in front of the old Bryne mill "Kaizersplassen" (“The Kaizer Square”).

It has been a long and winding process up to the final voting earlier this week. Both the formal details surrounding the use of the Kaizer name in this context and the purely local historical aspects of the case have been subject to intense debate, and it has aroused great interest both among municipal council members and the inhabitants of the region. But now, finally, the matter is settled.

- We thought it was a very interesting request, says Janove, Mr. Kaizer himself, about the matter.

– We didn’t know the case would cause so much fuzz and create such a strong difference in opinion, but then again, that is Kaizers for ya! We are used to polarized opinions of us as a band, and disharmony is something we love, although primarily in music. Also, it is kind of cool that the name had to battle its way through the system, that the naming wasn’t just passed quietly and in complete agreement behind closed doors at some boring meeting in the council building. Now, when people see the sign, they might remember the naming process and the heated debate surrounding it. And that’s good!

- Do you yourselves have strong opinions on the matter?

- Not really. We were asked, and we said yes because we thought it was a good idea. It’s nice to be able to bring something contemporary into this area of public administration … you know, naming places … which is usually strictly reserved for various concepts or for famous deceased people. Beyond that we have steered clear of the whole ordeal and left the debate to the politicians and others with a strong opinion on the matter. But we do appreciate the outcome, no doubt about that.

- What about the place itself? Is it special to you in any way?

- It’s at the end … or at least it was back in our day … of what was the main street of Bryne, before the M44 shopping mall was built, so we know the place well. In addition, when we lived there the mill was a place for teenagers to hang out, and we used to go there fairly often. As a matter of fact, Geir and I played one of our very first shows together there, in a cover band called Destruction in April 1994. I sang and Geir played the bass. The special thing about that show, I recall, was that the first song in our set was “Rape Me” by Nirvana, and at that exact time Kurt Cobain was lying dead in his house in Seattle without the world knowing about it yet, while we were playing his music in a small, faraway place called Bryne. He himself was dead, but his music lived on through us, like a monument in it´s own way that, really. I don´t really know the link here, but I just remember that show well due to those circumstances.

- And the mill is still being used as a venue for concerts and other cultural events, right?

- Yes, indeed it is, and in that sense giving the place our name is highly relevant. Old industrial buildings often become great cultural venues, and such buildings have always made us look and sound good as a band. Let’s hope our name will serve this place equally well!