News: Kaizers to visit New York!
Posted: Mar, 11, 2013

(Photo: Geir Zahl)  I wanna wake up ...

The city that never sleeps is getting yet another reason to stay awake when Kaizers come to town to play a one-night only gig at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on May 16!

Check the event and get tickets HERE!

- Over the past ten years we have received various offers from Britain, the USA, Asia and all kinds of strange places, and we have turned them all down, says Janove Kaizer, currently in Berlin.

- Why is that?

- Either because it hasn’t fit in with our plans, because it would have been too expensive or because it wouldn’t have served any purpose career-wise for us. But now, in our last year as a band, we want to do some extraordinary things, go to new places and combine playing gigs with taking some time off in cities that we like, bring along family and friends and take some vacation time as well, not just rush off to the next city after gigs, like we’ve always done before.

- First KoKo in London, now the Metropolitan in New York. Major stuff!

- Outside of Europe we’re an unknown band, but there are still some people who know about us, so when we gave the green light to our contacts in New York to go ahead and showcase the idea to the Met, the manager there really liked it. She is very good at booking new and alternative acts, and she thought we would be perfect for the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium. It has an audience capacity of 700 and belongs to the Egyptian wing of the museum. It’s a beautiful room, and after the Opera shows in Oslo we’re quite used to playing in front of a seated audience in a distinguished venue, so we’re going to do just fine, I think.

- And we’re told the only Norwegian who has ever performed there before is classical musician Leif Ove Andsnes?

- Yes, so they say, so we’re in good company. Also, this is our first time in the US, and it is really great to get a chance to do that once during our career, even though it’s going to be a “one-night only in America” type of thing. Anyhow, it’s going to be great fun. Exclusive, indeed!