News: The final concert to be streamed live!
Posted: Aug, 26, 2013

(Photo: Terje Winterstø Røthing). The end is fast approaching for Kaizers, but there’s still a lot of fun to be had! This picture was taken in Zürich earlier this year.

A chance for everyone to see the grand finale!


The concert at DNB Arena in Stavanger on September 14 will be Kaizers Orchestra’s final performance before going on an indefinite break. When ticket sales started in February, 5,500 tickets sold out in eight minutes, undoubtedly leaving many a fan ticketless. But now everyone will have a chance to be ringside on this very special evening, as LiveMusicStage and Monster have joined forces to record this final night with the gang and share it with the world!


There are two options: One, you can watch the concert live at selected movie theaters in a number of Norwegian cities. The concert will be shown at theaters in Stavanger, Sandnes, Lillestrøm, Tønsberg and Skien. In addition, efforts are being made to have it put up in Bergen and Trondheim as well, but these cities are not yet confirmed. Tickets for these shows will cost NOK 250,-.


Two, you can watch the show on your own computer or TV. In order to gain access to the streaming service, you have to register at LiveMusicStage and pay a sum of 5 Euros. You can register there at any time. The streaming service will be available in all countries; in other words, there are no geographical restrictions regarding availability. Your bandwidth will decide the quality of the streaming, but we have assurances that regular bandwidth will work just fine.


- Over the past few months we have been looking into the possibility of streaming our final show, and we’re very happy to announce that we will be able to do so, says Geir Kaizer to Kaizer News.


- That is undoubtedly great news to a lot of people out there!


- Considering how quickly the show sold out, it is obvious that there are many who wanted to see the show, but didn’t get a ticket. We would like for the ENTIRE family of Kaizers fans to be present on this special occasion, so it feels great to be able to invite everybody in!


- Will the concert remain available at LiveMusicStage after September 14, and are there any plans of turning it into a live recording to be released at some point in the future?


- Due to copyright reasons, the show will not remain available at LiveMusicStage, so it’s primarily a then-and-there thing. But we do hope that this night will be a special celebration that unites Kaizerfans all across the globe in one last fantastic happening!