News: Moi won the "Hjerteknuser" competition!
Posted: Oct, 31, 2010

Listen to all the contributions here!

 After an overwhelming response and more than 100 submitted contributions to radio channel P3's "Hjerteknuser" competition - make your own version of the song "Hjerteknuser" without having heard the original, based on the notes of the song. The jury – consisting of Janove and Geir from Kaizers Orchestra, as well as Mats Borch Bugge and Marie Kommissar from P3 – had a long-lasting listening session on Tuesday this week in order to pick their faves among the contributions. Surprisingly enough, the same three artists ended up among the top four on each of the jury members' lists, and it therefore quickly turned into a question of who would take first, second and third place.

 - Firstly, I must say that we're overwhelmed by the effort put down by all participants, and also humble in the face of all the time and energy that they have spent learning and then recording versions of our song, based on nothing but the note sheets we sent them. This has been an extremely enjoyable experience, says Janove Kaizer, the composer of "Hjerteknuser".

 - That being said, seeing that we have received as many as 100 contributions, it kind of goes without saying that some versions will be better than others. The quality varies a little, but it has undoubtedly been great fun to listen to all these different versions of the same song, and that was also part of the point behind all this. It turns out that the song works equally well as electronica, power pop, jazz, hard rock, folk rock and dreamy pop, and even as a tender piano tune – just like a good song should.

- So it was fairly even between the three final contestants, then? Moi won, Rolffa took second place and Asiago third. What settled it?

- Like I mentioned earlier, we all had these three contributions among the top four on our lists, so apparently there was something special about them. To be honest, any one of these contributions could have taken first place and we would have been able to defend the decision. But we had to pick a winner, and we were quite in agreement that it had to be Moi. After having listened to more than 100 versions, all the while keeping our own version in the back of our minds, we feel that Moi added a distinct and unique sonic universe to it, and at the same time their version is beautifully sung, well played and tastefully produced. It also has a lovely change in temperature between the verse and the refrain... it smolders, sort of, in an amazing way.

- Rolffa's version seems to be the people's favorite. What do you think of it?

 - We think Rolffa's version is great and that it'll survive in its own right because of that. The vocals send chills down our spines... of the good kind, mind you... and there's a real nerve to it. Besides, the Northern Norwegian dialect really becomes the song. In addition, the Sami part is both surprising and amazing. The arrangement lacks a bit in originality, we think, but this song could definitely also have won the competition. In third place we find Asiago, who have made a wonderful and "airy" rock version, with an Arcade Fire type chorus and an amazing, sonorous pop rock sound. This one, too, has great vocals, and is perhaps the most radio-friendly version of them all, including our own, if you ask me! But like I said, we thought Moi had that little extra something.  

For additional listening, which we deeply recommend, here is the Kaizers' own top ten list:

1. Moi

2. Rolffa

3. Asiago

4. Revolver (Straight 4/4-beat, tough stuff!)

5. Sirkus Vladimir (QOTSA on speed with hot-tempered Muse vocals)

6. Soup (Dreamy electro pop with whispering vocals. Beautiful!)

7. Testpilot (Hardcore power punk rock from Bergen. Rock on!)

8. Kamil Szlachta (German version, tender and lovely)

9. Kristinas Jazzband (Smokey NY lounge jazz act, Chet Baker-style)

10. Attention! (Young and fresh girl act with a nice version)


Kaizers Orchestra's own version now available on iTunes and WiMP!  And check out the music video HERE !!  (For english subtitles press "CC" in the right corner!)