News: New music video out now!
Posted: Oct, 5, 2012

(Photo: Geir Zahl. Janove and director Allan Lucien Øyen go through the script for the next scene.)

 Watch Kaizers Orchestra’s brand new video for the first single from Volume III, “Aldri vodka, Violeta”, at VGTV!


- It’s been a while since we last made a music video, so we felt it was about time to do it again. We did make a video for “Hjerteknuser” on Volume I, but none for Volume II, despite big hits like “1000 dråper regn” and “Drøm videre, Violeta”. For both Maskineri and Våre demoner it was kind of scarce on the video side as well. Volume III is a natural place to bring the music video back in, explains Geir Zahl.

- In addition, we have grown a little tired of the fact that a nine year old music video is still being used every time we’re mentioned on TV …

- Yeah, whenever you’re mentioned on TV, it’s always Kaizers rocking out on the barren shores of Western Norway to the sounds of “Evig pint”, isn’t it?

- And a great video it is, by all means, but we wanted to have something more up-to-date in store, both music- and video-wise. When we made “Evig pint”, and also the Maestro videos “Maestro” and “Knekker deg til sist”, the music video was an excellent promotion tool. The program Svisj on NRK2 (a Norwegian TV channel) was very popular and reached a large audience. But then Svisj disappeared, and along with it every other TV program that showed music videos, and since that coincided with the massive decline in revenue from physical CD sales and the resulting blow to the record industry, it’s not hard to figure that in such a context, music videos don’t exactly become a top budget priority. But now we’re back!

- Outstanding! The video for the first single, «Aldri vodka, Violeta» [«Never Vodka, Violeta»], was recorded in Budapest, Hungary. That’s a long way to travel for a ragged Norwegian six-piece ensemble in order to make a music video. Pray tell!

- We chose Budapest because they have such a large film industry down there. They’re professional, they have the infrastructure and the competence, and they work long days for a reasonable fee. That’s how we were able to make two music videos in four days. We were busy touring and recording all spring, so Flimmer Film took care of all the planning. They are friends of ours from the time we lived in Bergen, so we go way back. We formed Kaizers about the same time as they started their production company. They also actually made our very first music video, “Kontroll på kontinentet”, back in 2001 in exchange for a case of whisky and a box of cigars. Since then both parties have risen in the ranks in our respective businesses. We thought it would be poetic that those who made our first music video also should be the ones to make our last.

- The last so far, you mean!

- Yes, of course. The last of this era!

- What can you tell us about the plot of the video?

- Kenneth and Violeta have run off from Beatrice, Kenneth’s wife and Violeta’s mother. Now they are out in the big wide world, a little in the wind so to speak, and still a little trying and unsure. In the video they find themselves in a New York-like urban setting. Violeta isn’t quite comfortable with the situation. She runs off from her father, and on her way through the city she encounters inanimate people, whom she brings to life. There is something special about her, people notice that. The father, whom you might say has more than enough to deal with as it is, has to go looking for his willful daughter. Then things turn up along the way; signs, or omens if you like, that only Violeta can see, and which “scare” her back to her father. And that’s where the video stops. It’s like a scene taken from a larger whole, really.

- We understand that you have also made a video for “Begravelsespolka” [“Funeral Polka”] that will be out eventually?

- Indeed. The main video for Volume III is “Begravelsespolka”. That’s the video we put the most work and effort into. But you are going to have to wait a little while for that one …

- Many will ask why you have chosen to make a video for that particular song, which is more of an album track, so to speak, and not for “Siste dans” [“Last Dance”], which seems to have a much clearer hit potential. Care to explain?

 - He-he, that is because we are our own record company! We pay for everything ourselves, and that means that we also get to make such decisions ourselves! Well, anyway, the explanation is quite simply that “Begravelsespolka” represents Volume III very well, and better than “Siste dans”, which is more of an odd man out. The lyrics also tell a richer story, which makes it easier to make a video that is visually interesting. In short, it was easier to work with. We have made these videos for ourselves, and for our fans, in order to give them some images to process in addition to what is otherwise only conveyed through the music and the lyrics. We believe it gets more interesting that way. And we also like to believe that we are right in that regard.

 So, check out the new video – and get ready for the next one!