News: New singel from Kaizers!
Posted: Aug, 27, 2010

First pre-taste from Kaizers Orchestra's ambitious trilogy project "Violeta, Violeta" now available!

"Philemon Arthur and the Dung" is the title of the single that has been chosen to provide you all with a pointer as to which direction the material coming out of the Kaizer camp over the next couple of years will be taking. In addition to being playlisted on the Norwegian radio channel P3, the single can be bought at iTunes, and you can also check it out at Wimp, Spotify and Soundcloud! The song is wired and brimming with energy, original with its chopped-up, almost faltering rhythm section, melancholy and grandiose, while at the same time light and easy – unmistakably Kaizers, yet in a way you've never heard before.

- What made you guys choose this particular song as the first single?

- A good question indeed, says a smiling Janove Kaizer. The songwriter is happy to finally be able to reveal to the world one of the tracks that the band has spent the winter and spring rehearsing and recording.

- It has always been difficult for us to pick a first single from the albums we have released. Our fans know that, because we've said that every time we've released a new record ... and it wasn't any easier this time around! We picked "Philemon Arthur and the Dung" because it represents something new, while still being a very typical Kaizer song. It's rather a melodious and grandiose song... a waltz, actually, but the beat itself kind of obscures that fact. I really like that about it. And we worked a lot on the vocals on this track. I've never sung like this before. It's intense, but without becoming enervating. We had a lot of fun in the studio. We challenged ourselves on many different levels this time, tried to exploit our experience and ability to play together in new ways, so it'll be exciting to hear what people have to say about the single!

The singel will only be available on iTunes,  in Norway and the US.

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