News: New single out!
Posted: Sep, 23, 2011

"Drøm videre, Violeta" is the second single from Vol. II of the Violeta, Violeta trilogy. It is available in web stores  and the music streaming services WiMP and Spotify from today, Friday September 23 ! 


 Kaizer News talked to composer Janove Kaizer about the band's newest single, which despite being brand new still will be known to many from the band's performance at the Øya Festival in August.

 - Yes, we did play the song at Øya, and the live version is quite similar to the album version.

 - "Drøm videre, Violeta" is sort of a majestic pop ballad, though in a Kaizer wrapping, and shares certain features with the main single from Vol. I, "Hjerteknuser", wouldn't you say?

 - I recall composing those two songs around the same time, actually. When I compose a song, it is very often accompanied by another, like in this case. So I guess you might say that this song is a kind of sibling to "Hjerteknuser". The lyrics are also much in the same vein. It is a romanticization of our most fanciful and mysterious childhood memories ... in this case, a connection between mother and daughter.

 - What else can you tell us about the song?

 - It has a very uplifting chorus which is relatively long, with many words. After a nice intro and a good verse, it can be quite challenging to make such a chorus work, you know, to make it even better than the intro and the verse. But I think we have managed that with this song. I can't read notes and I also can't remember the exact chords, but the verse is in a major key, the bridge before the chorus ends in a major key, and I think that produces a feeling that the chorus starts in a new key. I don't know. Theoretical matters like that are not my thing, but in any case, it has become a majestic and beautiful song that we are very thrilled about.

 - Was it a difficult song to get a firm grip on and record?

 - In that sense, there is a difference between songs. Some songs just come toddling and sit down next to you nicely and obediently when you call for them, while others have a will of their own and go get lost in the woods and marry a squirrel or something. This song was rather well-behaved. Actually, when I think about it, recording it was very rewarding. A lot of good ideas and vibes came about spontaneously in the studio. That is something I really like about the new single ... the fact that this exact song, which now has become the big single from Volume II, was recorded 100% live. That means that everything you can hear, except for the percussion and the strings, was recorded live in a room in Bergen. The vocals, too. One take. Pulling off feats like that makes us really happy. And now we just hope the fans will be happy too!

NB: "Drøm videre, Violeta" will only be available as a digital single. No physical edition will be released.