News: New tour!
Posted: Oct, 22, 2012

(Photo: Paal Audestad. Kaizers are preparing to greet the fans again! Here from Oslo Spektrum in 2011)

The Volume III tour is under way and will hopefully stop by a city near you!


 - This is the grand finale, Janove Kaizer explains to Kaizer News. – This will be the mother of all tours, at least the mother of all Kaizer tours!

- Immodest as ever, Mr. Ottesen. But then again, this album and this tour do not exactly invite much modesty, now do they?

- No, this is definitely not the time for being modest. This is what we have been building up to. Ten years from now I will gladly admit it if was wrong, but for now we plan to put the pedal to the metal.

- There are also different versions, so to speak, of this tour. Pray tell!

- Yeah, the tour comes in two different wrappings. You see, we are lucky and privileged enough to be allowed to perform Volume III together with two different and amazing symphony orchestras, one in Oslo and one in Stavanger, and at amazing venues, too. It’s a once, no, twice in a lifetime event! The tour will start at the Norwegian Opera House in Oslo, where we will give five performances together with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, and then we’re off to Stavanger to play three concerts in the city’s brand new concert hall together with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, who also, by the way, appear on every track on Volume III except for one. Like Helge would put it, there are still tickets left! Both at the Opera House and in Stavanger!

- In other words, spectacular things are on the horizon. But what about the club tour? That won’t be quite so grandiose, I expect?

- No, that will be a little more down to earth, and there’s no better place to get down to earth than at our very own and much beloved Jæren on the Norwegian west coast! We will play at Nærbø in the municipality of Hå on February 2, and with our regular Kaizer line-up, no more. Not a bad line-up that either, I’ll tell you, he-he!

- And the tour will have a new visual design compared to the Volume I and II tours?

- Of course! This tour will mainly center on the new material, like every album tour does. There will be new songs, a new look, new lighting, new hats and some new surprises up our sleeves. However, we will include some old material, of course. Over the years we have accumulated quite a bit of material to choose from, and even though we can’t meet every request for old and not so old songs, we will make room for some, at least. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

- You won’t be playing as many shows this year as you did last year?

- No, the plan this time around is to play bigger venues and fewer gigs. We think this album deserves grandiosity. It might sound silly, especially since people haven’t heard the whole album yet, but this material belongs in big venues. Volume II was more rock’n’roll and belonged in sweaty clubs, but now we need a little more space, enough to make some proper grandiose sounds!

- Well, we can’t wait!

The european tour is not yet finalized but the band is planning a ten gig tour in their most frequented cities around Europe in march 2013 !


Check out tour dates on the Kaizers Facebook page!