News: New video out!
Posted: Dec, 10, 2012

(Photo: Geir Zahl. Long time Kaizer-friend Eivind Tolås is the director of the "Begravelsespolka" - video.)

A tap-dancing, diabolic Janove brings you to the underworld and across the river to the other side…

The video is directed by Eivind Tolås and made by the production company Flimmer Film from Bergen, Norway. Watch it HERE!

Can you remember a certain stair dance performed by one of Norway’s finest actors and Norway’s greatest front man to the backdrop of the “Kontroll på kontinentet” solo? (watch it here!) Well, then you’ve seen the previous video Eivind Tolås made for Kaizers Orchestra. That was back in 2001. Eleven years have gone by. What’s new since then?

 - Well, first and foremost we had a budget this time around! Last time, the fee was a case of whiskey and a box of cigars. This time the budget was somewhat larger. In all seriousness, I’m an old friend of Janove and Geir, and I hung out a lot with the “Bryne Bunch” during our university days here in Bergen in the 90s, so I have followed them closely since long before they were successful, and of course also through their era of success.

 - But you haven’t worked together since 2001?

 - No. Our company, Flimmer Film, which was established around the same time as Kaizers was formed, has luckily been quite busy, but now the time was ripe. When Kaizers asked us to make a video for them, we accepted right away, because everything about it, the challenge of it, just felt right. It represented a chance to sum up our careers, both ours and the band’s.

 - There is a funeral, a birth, an ominous exchange of looks and a dancing devil in the underworld. What would you say the video is about?

 - Well, the song and the lyrics form the foundation of it all. It’s the mood of the song I’m trying to convey, through both the visual and narrative aspects of the video. But at the same the video operates on a level beyond what is directly accessible through the lyrics. It poses certain questions: What does it really mean to bring something to a conclusion? What happens after? What does this mean for the band, and what does really happen to the gas mask-wearing person that the Devil takes with him? There is a lot to be discovered here for anyone who is willing to look.

 - Let’s not forget about the tap-dancing Janove, in itself an impressive feat, who is then joined by Helge in a synchronized tap-dance, making it twice as impressive!

 - Yeah, the boys have been taking tap-dancing lessons. They continue to surprise us. It fits in really well with the solo. We just hope the fans will like it!

 Judging by the feedback so far, fans seem to love it!