News: New Violeta track available!
Posted: Nov, 17, 2010

 Volume I of the trilogy Violeta, Violeta won't be out until January 31, but from Wednesday November 18 you will be able to acquire the third single from the album, "En for orgelet, en for meg" ["One for the organ, one for me"].

 If you pre-order the Mp3 version of the album on the Platekompaniet (Norwegian record chain store) web site, you will get immediate access to an mp3 version of the fresh, über-catchy and beat-riddled tune "En for orgelet, en for meg" (only in Norway, unfortunately). The album release might be a while away, but the wait just keeps getting better!

 We asked Geir Kaizer about the song:

 - "En for orgelet, en for meg" is one of my personal favorites from Volume I, and has been since the demo version, but the final cut is simply flat out brilliant!

 - Can you tell us a little about the song, describe it to those who haven't heard it yet?

 - It's an energetic, catchy, beat-based sing where Janove really gets to display his register as a singer, or in this case, a rapper, almost. He has been very preoccupied with beat-based vocals since "Kontroll på kontinentet", and now, perhaps for the first time, he really gets to cultivate this style of singing. "The organ" has become an unmistakable Kaizer song, though in an amazing rap-meets-gypsy-music kind of way! We keep expanding our musical horizon, he-he.

 - I understand there's more to tell about this song. It is rumored that you guys have a project going involving several guest performances by rappers?

 - That's right! On the album version we have a 14 year old girl from Stavanger called Lykke Sofie Myrås performing the part of the character Violeta. In the studio, we started singing, just for kicks, that part of the vocals in all these different kinds of Norwegian dialects, you know, but then we came up with the idea that we could get Norwegian rappers from different parts of the country to do guest performances in different dialects! It was a cool idea, but then it all just took off, and in our fit of megalomania we thought: Why not bring in foreign guest rappers and have all of them make their own versions in their respective languages? Janove would still be singing his part, so they wouldn't be replacing him, they would just be an added element, in the true spirit of Dr Dre.

- This sounds amazing! Who have you gotten on board, and what languages are we talking about?

- Timbuktu from Sweden, which should be familiar to most Scandinavians. He does a version in his unmistakable Skåne dialect. Prinz Pi is a German rapper, probably unfamiliar to most, but with a wicked version. Blaxtar is behind the Dutch version, and that turned out so great that our first single in The Netherlands will be "En for ogelet, en for meg", not "Hjerteknuser".

- When will we get to hear these versions?

- They'll be out by and by, in places where you normally purchase music these days. In addition to being a fun idea, we also hope that the blend of language will get us a little more radio air time in the countries where the respective languages are spoken. At this point we don't know exactly when they'll be released, but we'll make sure to make them available, so that the fans themselves can decide just which foreign language suits Janove's Western Norwegian dialect the best!