News: New European tour!
Posted: Mar, 28, 2013

(Photo: Arne Bru Haug) Hello Europe!

Kaizers Orchestra are heading abroad this week. Eleven shows in seven countries are scheduled for the next twelve days!

- Yes, this will be our last tour abroad for quite a while, says Geir Kaizer. – We have gone on European tours regularly since 2003, so we have in fact been touring the continent for ten years in a row now.

Check out the tour list HERE.

- A lot has happened during this time, hasn’t it?

- Yes, it definitely has, especially in the music business. When we “won” Eurosonic in 2003 and consequently were booked for a few shows in Europe, the record industry was still very much alive and kicking. Our record company even supported us financially to go on tour. Business was really booming there for a while. For us, it all peaked around the release of Maestro in 2005, when we were signed to the German branch of Universal. After that, however, things slowed down, partly because we as a band grew somewhat tired of the ultra-energetic ompa-punk that had made us famous in the first place and partly because record sales plummeted and just about EVERY band in the world had to go on the road and play gigs to make money. Competition for gigs, and not least for fans, became fiercer. But we have managed to maintain a stable and good level of popularity since then, and we have a nice and sizable crowd that comes to see us whenever we play.

- And as opposed to last year’s tour, on which you visited many new and unfamiliar venues, you will now revisit old and familiar places?

- Yes, it will be only the cream of the crop this time around! Cities we like to visit and places where we have established an audience of a certain size. We’re really looking forward to getting on the tour bus and roll through a Europe coming alive with spring!

- We understand that you will also be bringing along DJ Ralph from Ralph Myerz as support?

- Yes, indeed! It’s always good to have good people with you on tour. It raises spirits on the tour bus and grants variation to the shows. In addition, Ralph is really hot stuff these days. Later this spring his third solo album, Super Sonic Pulse, will be out, which was recorded in Snoop Dogg’s studio in LA. With guest appearances by people like Snoop Dogg, Diana Ross, Da Youngfellaz, Kurupt, David Banner and George Clinton, this album just can’t go wrong.

- But you aren’t quite done with Europe after this tour, are you?

- No, we have a show in London coming up on April 25 and there’s talk of a gig at Bern’s in Stockholm, and we might also play a couple of European festivals this summer too. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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