News: Pledge update!
Posted: Jun, 5, 2013

  (Photo: Paal Audestad): The Oslo Opera House show will soon be out on DVD!

There are only a few days left of the crowdfunding project that Kaizers Orchestra started in order to finance a recording of their grandiose Opera House show together with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Kaizer News talked to Geir Kaizer for an update.

 - First things first: The project has long since been realized, says Geir Kaizer. - We have raised enough money for both a DVD and a Blu-Ray edition. The numbers are in, and we’ll be printing 800 DVDs and 500 Blu-Rays.

- So it is no longer possible to make a pledge?

- No, the pledge phase is over and the number of copies has been decided.

- The funding goal was reached after only a few days. Why is it that you aren’t printing more than 1300 copies?

- This is an untraditional way of selling music, especially in Norway, so all things considered, we’re happy. In retrospect, we might have decided on a funding goal that was a little low, but it was done in cooperation with PledgeMusic in the UK, and they had never heard of us, so they thought the sum we had in mind was rather bold. However, it soon became apparent that it was obtainable. Kaizers fans are the best! Now we’re at 269 percent. The project is far from fully financed, but we’ll pay for the rest ourselves. As you know, this is a unique release, signed by the whole band and with a different layout than the regular edition, which will be out later this year.

- Speaking of releases, the special edition is set for release in June. Are you on schedule?

- We had planned on releasing it in June, that is true. However, it turns out that we have been a little too optimistic time-wise. Things have been busier than expected. In other words, we are a little behind schedule. Right now, we are in the final phases of editing video and audio, and the same goes for the cover layout. But we hope to be able to ship it out toward the end of June!

- What about the audio download?

- It will be out at the same time as the DVDs and Blu-Rays.

- And the posters?

- Those we hope to be able to ship out early June!

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the film project “The Accidental Rock Star”, which also is in need of funding. Read more about it here!