News: Das Kriegsensemble record Kaizer songs!
Posted: Jun, 22, 2013

(Photo:  Kjell A. Olsen, Adresseavisen)

You are never quite safe at a Kaizers after-party. You might suddenly land a record deal!

When the photo exhibition Blitzregn 02-12 was shown at Rockheim this winter, the Kaizers members present there, Janove and Terje, were honored with a selection of Kaizers covers performed by distinguished musicians from the city of Trondheim. The Kaizers liked what they heard so much that they signed a record deal with the ensemble at the after-party later that night!

- We didn’t know what was going to happen, we were just there to attend the exhibition, and then suddenly we were presented with this outstanding ensemble. “Damn, this is really good. More people should hear this!” was our reaction, explains Janove Kaizer, also known as the biggest Kaizers fan in the world. – It turns out that these songs sound good in other kinds of draping too, not just our own.

- We are talking about acoustic interpretations of Kaizers songs performed in a black-and-white, interwar period style?

- Yes, we are. However, at the concert they performed only a few select songs for those present. Therefore we asked them to do a few more, so that we could fill an entire album. Now they have recorded ten songs, and the album title will be “Die verloren gengangenen Aufnahmen zwischen 1929-1933” (“The Lost Tapes from between 1929-1933”).

- When and how will people be able to hear the album?

- The album release is planned for August 24 this summer, the same day that we play at Borggården in Trondheim. Das Kriegsensemble will have a release party at Familien in the afternoon, and hopefully the album will be available on vinyl there. In other words, that day you will have the chance to get a proper dose of Kaizers: A Kaizer pre-party at Familien first and then a Kaizer concert at Borggården afterwards!

- Amazing! Will the vinyl edition be available all over the country? In other words, will it be available through the regular Kaizer distribution channels?

- Eeh, distribution is not something we usually discuss at after-parties, so we haven’t really figured that out yet, but we hope to make it available to those who want it, ja, natürlich! The album will also be released in a digital edition, but not on CD. We will be back with more information on the release as soon as we know more!