News: Exit music
Posted: Sep, 19, 2013

(The last known photo of Kaizers members before the photographer was kicked out of the backstage area.)

Last weekend, a 12 year long Kaizers crusade came to an end, and then... there was life.

- Things are great! says Geir Kaizer, who is busy painting the fireplace in his apartment when Kaizer News calls.

- So you’re adjusting well to your new everyday life?

- Yeah, I have a few things to take care of, but I’ll be going on vacation soon. Janove and Rune went straight into vacation mode and took off for Spain already on Sunday.

- What was it like concluding the career of Kaizers Orchestra on Saturday?

- It was really great! It was an awesome night, a great gig and once again a great audience who really lifted us to the clouds and beyond. In all, the last two-three weeks have been amazing. The shows in Trondheim, Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger were really special to us. We feel very much at home in all these cities, and it was really nice getting to say a proper goodbye there. It meant a lot to us.

- Many tearful and touching scenes took place among the fans at DNB Arena in the wake of the final show. Was it emotional for you too?

- We were pretty focused on playing well and carrying out our last show with style. It’s not very natural for us to become overly emotional on stage, I think. But, you know, after the show some long and warm hugs were exchanged between the six of us. There were a few tears as well. We have, after all, become close friends over the past thirteen years, we’ve worked and lived together, shared a lot of fun and weird experiences. Of course it affects us that it has all come to an end. But first and foremost we’re left with a feeling of happiness, and also of pride of all the things we have achieved throughout these years. We are a very special group of individuals, we’re all very different, but we have an exceptional chemistry when we get together. It has, of course, been a lot of fun being a part of that.

- Every journalist is probably asking you this question these days, but we just have to ask too: Do you feel sad about retiring?

- He-he, that is indeed what everybody’s asking. It’s evident that this country has a very homogenous population, since everybody’s asking the exact same question. The answer, however, is no. What we do feel is that it was bold of us.

- Yeah, because you could easily have gone on with your career, couldn’t you?

- It would have been very comfortable and easy for us to do so, but we do have only one life to live, and we felt that it was time to experience it from a non-Kaizers perspective, too, during our allotted time here on earth. Also, our absence might do our fans some good, too. There is a certain degree of intensity about this band, and exposure to that intensity over a prolonged period of time is a serious matter!

- People are wondering what is going to happen now. Will all official Kaizers activity come to a complete halt?

- Hopefully, Kaizers Orchestra will live on in people’s minds and their record collections, and in addition we also have some fans who are interested in what the respective members are doing on the side, so we’ll continue to update our Facebook page and with news that we believe will be of interest to Kaizers fans. Terje, for example, is rehearsing with Skambankt as we speak, and there are probably quite a few out there who are interested in knowing about things like that. Janove will also get things rolling pretty soon. And, you know, we’re Kaizer boys forever, whether we’re playing together or not, so we’ll always carry that legacy with us and let it influence whatever we’ll be doing in the future.

- Will you be seeing each other?

- Yeah, we’ll all be meeting up with one or two of the others regularly, but we are also going to organize proper and regular get-togethers with all the guys, like dinner parties around Christmas and such.

- Great! Also, some are wondering about whether you will continue selling merchandise. What is going to happen there?

- We plan to keep selling Kaizers merchandise and set up a shop on our own website. It will require a little effort on our part, but hopefully we’ll have it up and running in a few months.

- There has also been talk of a vinyl re-launch of the first three albums?

- Yes, that would have been fun. Hopefully we’ll come up with a plan for that as well this fall. However, it’s not only up to us, there are other parties involved, so we’ll just have to wait and see. But there’s the Opera DVD, which will definitely be out this fall. Fans should really look forward to that one, it has turned out great!

- It’s really weird that it’s all over … Tell me, is there a Kaizers plan for the future, or is this the first time in the band’s history that there exists no plan whatsoever?

- He-he, there is only one man who can answer that question.


- And he’s not there?

- Precisely.