News: Summertime!
Posted: Aug, 11, 2012

(Photo: Geir Zahl. Enjoying backstagelife at Steinkjerfestivalen)

 Kaizers Orchestra has played all over Norway this summer, from the Jotunheimen Mountains to the coastline of Stavern, performing their languorous show.

 - We have had an excellent summer, confirms Janove Kaizer. – We have played lots of good shows and been very well received all over. It has been a lot of fun!

 - The weather has been really lousy in Norway, where you have done most your gigs this summer, but you seem to have prevailed?

- It has really just been a completely average Norwegian summer, hasn’t it? People’s expectations seem to exceed the realities of our northern climate, and hosting as many outdoor festivals as we do here in Norway during the summer is rather ambitious, but at the same time kind of cool, you know, and people know how to deal with the weather. Everybody prefers sunshine, of course, but being forced to put on a sweater or a raincoat doesn’t necessarily have to blow the whole festival experience. For us, being headliners who play late every night, we have had to get used to playing when it has grown rather cold. It is often somewhere between five and ten degrees Celsius when we play, but that’s ok, you get warm rather quickly when you’re in stage mode.

 - You still have a few concerts left this summer as well?

 - Yes, indeed. We had last weekend off, but this weekend we’re going to Switzerland and the Heitere Open Air on Saturday, really psyched for that. The following weekends we’ll be playing Bodø, Trondheim, Ålesund, Sotra, Stavanger in Norway and a few other places as well. A nice way to round off the summer!

 - And then the first taste of Volume III will FINALLY be out in September!

 - Yes, finally, indeed! This album is very special to us, we have worked more and harder on it than any of our previous albums, and now we’re just incredibly psyched to share it with our fans. It is our most spectacular and ambitious release, a real milestone in the history of Kaizers. The Beatles would not have been the same without Abbey Road, and time will show that Kaizers would not have been the same without Volume III, of that I am quite sure. This album completes our catalogue.

 - Exciting stuff! What can you tell us about the single?

 - I can tell you that it’s called “Aldri vodka, Violeta” [“Never Vodka, Violeta”], and that we follow the same recipe as on the two previous albums, in that the first single is meant to be a song that represents the whole album, and not a HIT per se. We did this with “Philemon Arthur and the dung” on Volume I and “1000 dråper regn” on Volume II, and it worked really well. “Aldri vodka, Violeta” is a song that displays almost all the sides of Volume III: the beauty, the tenderness, the primal brutality, the quirkiness, the sing-along potential, the aggression, just about everything. We’re very pleased and happy with it.

 - You have also made a music video for it?

 - Yes, we have, so there’s more to look forward to!

 The single will be out around September 10 and Volume III is due for release on November 2, so stay tuned and ready!