News: The festival season is on!
Posted: Jun, 29, 2012

(Photo: Kent Skibstad) The Kaizers are ready for the festivals!

Friday June 1 the festival season kicks off!



The city of Drammen and the Working Class Hero festival will be the first stop of the festival season for the Kaizer boys, who have just returned from a two-week vacation. We talked to Geir Kaizer, barely off the plane from New York.

- We have never toured as intensely as we did this winter and spring, ending up with a total of 62 gigs, all over Norway. A short break was definitely due. It was great to visit the States again.

- And now you’re ready for the summer season?

- Definitely! And we’ll continue in the same vein and in accordance with the Volume II philosophy, that is, playing a lot of gigs at a lot of different places all over Norway, and also some gigs abroad.

- So, the first gig of the festival season will be in the Oslo area, but then you’re returning home to the Stavanger region on Saturday?

- Yes, it has almost become a tradition for us to perform for our home crowd at the Jærnåttå Festival. It is of course extra special, at least for the three of us who hail from that area, to be standing on stage at the town square performing our songs for old neighbors, school teachers, friends and relations. In addition, we were awarded an honorary prize by the local municipality this year, so we really have to step up and show ourselves worthy!

- You are generally fond of performing at festivals?

- That we are, and so we have been for the past ten years. No two festivals are alike, so one must be prepared for any eventuality, relating to factors such as weather conditions, the mood of the audience, local insects, weird food, on-stage times, change-overs, equipment failure, sociable colleagues and eager fans. We have played for all kinds of audiences, from 40 guys in rural Finland to 50.000 people at Roskilde Festival, and more or less every variety in between. It’s an exciting challenge to present yourself to people who have never heard you before while at the same time satisfying fans who know your lyrics by heart. But we like it, you know. It’s like playing offence and defense at the same time!

 - You say that winter and spring have been busy, but the summer tour schedule doesn’t seem to be a walk in the park either?

- Definitely not! In addition to all the festivals, we’ll be working on Volume III. We’ll be recording all the arrangements Erlend Skomsvoll has written, with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, we’ll be mixing Volume III at Duper Studio in Bergen, and in addition we’re off to Budapest for about a week to record music videos for some of the Volume III tracks. In other words, it’ll be a busy summer!

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