News: The first single from Vol. II is out!
Posted: Jun, 6, 2011


"Tusen dråper regn" ["Thousand Drops of Rain"] is perhaps not the most conventional song title for the summer season, but then again, Kaizers Orchestra aren't your typical conventional act. However, regardless of what the weather outside might be like, "Tusen dråper regn" has gone straight to the A-list on Norwegian radio channel P3, and there's nothing rainy about that!

- We have three or four, okay, say five then, tracks with fairly obvious single potential on Vol. II which all would have given a good first impression of the coming album. The reason why we chose "Tusen dråper regn" as the first single is that we agreed that it represents the feeling on this album perfectly, says a continuously album-promoting Janove Kaizer, who has found the time to talk to Kaizer News despite a busy schedule.

- It's a bit slower and darker, you might say, than the songs on Vol. I. Does this mean that the album as a whole is going in that direction?

- Well, yes, just like this song, the album is a bit rougher around the edges ... it's more guitar-based compared to Vol. I, which was more keyboard-based. But I wouldn't say that it is darker. In some ways it's simpler and lighter, in the sense that we haven't planned and thought through each and every tiny detail in the arrangement of every song. It's a bit freer in its form than its predecessor. But at the same time that unique Kaizer sound signature is embedded in every beat and chord on this album too, so hopefully no one will have any trouble recognizing it as pure Kaizer sound!

- The release date of Vol. II is 11.11.11, but you'll be performing the entire album at the Øya Festival in August. Bold move!

- Definitely! But a fun challenge too, considering that it'll be up to us to perform and deliver songs that we've never played live before, and also for the fans, who'll have to listen patiently and intently to material they've never heard before. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes. On the one hand we're used to performing in front of crowds that haven't seen us before at festivals abroad, but playing an entire new album, and also as the headliner, at a festival here in Norway, that's bound to be special!

 "Tusen dråper regn" can be streamed at WiMP and bought at as mp3 from Friday June 3. The song will also be made available at iTunes during the coming week, but only in Norway and markeds outside those Kaizers have traditional record distribution through. In Denmark, Sweden GAS and BeNeLux it will be available on iTunes in August!

Spotify has also gotten the single, but previous experiences suggest that'll it'll take two to four weeks before the song is available there. This is Spotify's responsibility, not Kaizers' or their record label.