News: Upcoming Violeta, Violeta promo tour!
Posted: Nov, 8, 2010

 With the upcoming Violeta, Violeta trilogy, Kaizers Orchestra are about to embark on their biggest venture ever. Three albums will be released within the next two years, in ten countries.

The albums will be released simultaneously in all countries. Volume 1 will be out next year, on January 31, 2011. Volume 2 will be out in November 2011, and Volume 3 will be released one year later, in the fall of 2012. The band will be touring extensively in connection with the three albums, and the touring is expected to last until the fall of 2013.

 Prior to that, however, a couple of the band members will be going on a promo tour throughout Europe!

In connection with the release of the first European single, "Hjerteknuser", on November 15, lead singer Janove and bass player Øyvind are going on a roundtrip next week to give a few live performances and talk about the Violeta, Violeta concept, and also to present a few tracks from the Volume 1 album.

 The cities they'll be visiting are:


Berlin, Germany

Grüner Salon
Time: 20.00
Rosa-Luxemburg Platz 2, 10178 Berlin


Copenhagen, Denmark
Ideal Bar

Enghavevei 40, 1674 København


Vienna, Austria

Gonzogagasse 11, A 1010 Wien


Zürich, Switzerland
Time: Doors open at 18.00, performance 18.30-19.00
(support for Paul Smith, singer of Maximo Park)

For tickets, check our Myspace site!!  (go to the Bizmo widget, choose "tickets" close the window that comes up, choose venue and buy!)

 - We will be releasing the albums simultaneously in all countries this time, and we're planning on following up the release by touring throughout all of Europe. We therefore thought it would be a good idea to take a small trip to remind the people out there that Kaizers will soon be rolling into their city, and that they should be sure to come by when the real six-headed beast version rip it in their town!

 - When is the European tour scheduled?

 - Not everything is quite in place yet, but we're working on setting up a tour from mid March that will include dates in ten countries and culminate in our grandiose ten-year anniversary in the grand venue of Oslo Spektrum, with its 10.000 people capacity, on April 9!

 Note! A limited number of tickets will be made available at all the venues during the promo tour, so don't hesitate to come by !