News: Violeta, Violeta I re-conquers #1 on the official Norwegian album chart!
Posted: Feb, 27, 2011

 Violeta, Violeta I has been out three weeks, and last week, Kaizers Orchestra were forced to yield their #1 to Duper colleagues John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen. This week, however, the Kaizers are back on top!

 - This is great news! says Janove Kaizer, not unexpectedly very pleased by the latest developments.

 - What is the cause of this comeback, do you think?

 - It is probably because people quite simply like the album, I suppose. And that those who have heard it, recommend it to their friends and acquaintances, maybe? Anyway, that is definitely the coolest reason for selling albums, so I hope that's why!

 - What about sales figures? Do you know how many albums you've sold?

 - I have no idea, but the happy days of selling lots of albums are definitely over. Today, albums are a niche commodity available only at a few select stores and outlets. But people apparently do listen to the album, and that is what's important to us!

 - You have started touring now. Surely that affects sales and the general interest surrounding the band?

- Yes, it does, and it feels like all of Norway is our home ground now. We're well received no matter where we go. And there's a lot of new material on our set list, so people need to have listened to Volume I to keep up and get the full effect of our current live show.

 - What is it like being on the road again?

 - It's great! We're truly at home on the road. So far on the tour we've played only Fridays and at great venues, and the audiences in Stavanger and Tromsø were simply amazing. Also, the dramatic composition of our live show is a little different this time around, so it's new and exciting to us as well, but at the same we're well prepared and packing great material from our new album. In all, it turns out that these things work very well in combination.

 - You have received rave reviews on both the album and the live show, and now you're at number one on the VG album chart three weeks after the release. It must feel pretty good being a Kaizer these days?

 - Right now it simply can't get any better. We've been preparing for this for two long years, so it feels amazing that things are turning out exactly as we were hoping – and in the same year that we celebrate our tenth anniversary as a band, nonetheless!