News: Violeta, Violeta Volume I is out!
Posted: Feb, 2, 2011


The first volume of Kaizers Orchestra's most ambitious project so far in their career, the Violeta, Violeta trilogy, is now available in stores!

 A few facts and some practical information regarding the release: Volume I is available in all relevant formats of our day and age, and the CD should be available just about everywhere, in Norway at least, from gas stations to big record chain stores. A volume of 15,000 copies of the jewel case edition (ordinary CD) has been shipped to various stores around the country. In addition, there is also the digipack version, or the limited edition version, which has been printed in an edition of 4000 copies. This edition has been shipped out to "Studio Tour" attendees in a number of 3200 copies. The remaining copies will most likely be sold at our merch stand at the upcoming gigs this spring.

 In addition, 2000 vinyl copies have been printed so far. If the demand is great enough, more copies will be printed, so that everyone who wants a vinyl copy will be able to get one.  The band will also bring and sell these in their merch when they tour. There is also a limited vinyl edition (it's transparent, brown and looks damn good!) of 300 copies that is only available at the record store Big Dipper in Oslo. (Sold out in one day though..)

 The album is also available at iTunes. If you buy the album at iTunes, a digital booklet (PDF) with lyrics, background stories and credits is included. The album will also be available in hi-res FLAC (so-called "lossless")  on Gubemusic. In addition, the album is available at the streaming service Spotify!

 In all, there are very few good excuses for not checking out this album!