News: Vol II live premiere !
Posted: Aug, 17, 2011

(Photo: Aktiv Oslo)

 Violeta, Violeta Vol. II has had its live premiere, and it's time for reflection and a review of the reviews!

Geir Zahl is sitting backstage at Tivoli in Copenhagen, listening to the joyful screams of people riding the rollercoaster outside in the amusement park at the heart of the Danish capital. Reading the reviews of the Violeta, Violeta Vol. II live premiere has also been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride.

- Great reception among fans on Facebook and among bloggers, very good reviews in the Norwegian newspapers Aftenposten, Dagbladet and Stavanger Aftenblad, a good review by music radio and TV show Lydverket and a not so good review in the newspaper VG. It's a lot to take in and reflect on!

- Sure. We can certainly say that our performance at the Øya Festival has generated A LOT of response, and that in itself is a good thing! The fact that the reviews vary a bit isn't very surprising, considering the nature of the performance. What's amusing about the reviews is how they focus on the same things, only with opposing approaches and attitudes. That, however, only goes to show that there's room for a broad emotional range regarding Volume II, and that is interesting for us to observe, and we wouldn´t have it any other way, really.

- What did you yourselves think of your performance?

- We're very content with it, but naturally I also think that there is more potential in the songs live, potential that we'll be able to exploit to a greater extent as we become more familiar with performing this material live.  Other than that, we really have to commend the audience. They were amazing. It's was a lot of fun carrying out this experiment in front of such a great crowd. A big thank you to all who attended our show!

- Have you listened to the recording yet?

- I haven´t, but Janove has and he said it was an awesome gig! It has now been made available at the NRK website, so anyone who wants to have a look and listen can stop by there.

- Which do you think the Kaizer fans will appreciate more, the live versions from Øya or the studio album, which will be out 11.11.11?

- Well, people tend to like what they heard first the best, but we'll just have to see. We're very happy with how the album turned out, so topping that is not going to be easy. Regardless, it has been great fun experimenting with performing the material live prior to the album release. Beyond that, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the fans say when they've been acquainted with both versions. It'll be very exciting to see what people think!