News: Volume II international release coming up!
Posted: Jan, 18, 2012

The middle section of the saga about the beautiful, and seemingly ill-destined, Violeta is ready for international release in the markeds where Kaizers Orchestra enjoys physical distribution of their records. This means that ”Violeta Violeta Volume II” is out on friday, on the 20 th of January, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. The danish release date is on monday, the 23 and for the swedes the record is available from the 25th, which is next wednesday.


People have asked why you, in this day and age and all, operate with different release dates for Norway and the other european countries, so why is that excactly?

 -       The album came out in Norway on the 11th of November last year, and that time  of year is really crowded for recordreleases in every country. Therefore our distributor and promo agency wanted to postpone the international release so that it would not drown amongst all the other records coming out there at that time. And also, we have time to actually do some promoting now, end engage ourselves in telling people in Europe that we have a new record out, which always helps, explains singer, Janove Kaizer.

-       You and guitar player Geir are in Copenhagen today, tomorrow you go to Munich to do some german press, and then you hook up with the rest of the band for some gigs in Austria and Switzerland on the weekend?

-       Excactly right, we are in lovely Copenhagen today, where we actually will open the ”Volume II Tour” in eight or nine days, on the 26 th of February. Before that we have three gigs promoting the album release in Innsbrück, Austria on the 20th, in Vienna on the 21st. and in Zürich on the 22. Check our tour list for details!

-       Then you do your european leg of the Volume II tour in March, but some of the towns you usually play are not on the list this time?

-       No, our booking agency felt it would be too close between the three Violeta tours if we did the same route on every Volume, so that´s why some of the regular towns like Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich are out this time. But we will be back playing those locations supporting Volume III for sure!

Kaizerfans in Europe, enjoy Volume II !