News: Volume III in the works!
Posted: May, 13, 2012

(Photo: Geir Zahl. Janove adding the final vocal touches.)

 The final volume of the trilogy is now down on tape!

 - We have just completed the final recording session with the band here in Duper Studio in Bergen, says Janove Kaizer. – All that remains now are a few final additions by special guests. Or, in this case it will be more than a few …

- Yes, because the entire Stavanger Symphony Orchestra will appear on all the tracks, won’t they?

- That they will. Volume III is what we have chosen to call a Gypsy musical within the rock genre, and all the songs have been composed with further orchestration in mind. Composer Erlend Skomsvoll has taken care of that part for us, and when these final additions have been recorded, which will take place in Stavanger in June, the album will be 100% done. We have already recorded two songs with the symphony orchestra, and believe me, this is wicked stuff!

 - You have always used string instruments on your albums, but an entire symphony orchestra …?

- We’re going the extra mile this time around, you might say. The symphony orchestra and Erlend’s compositions will put a distinctive mark on the album. These elements will give us a totally new sound, but at the same time we will retain the unmistakable Kaizer stamp. You might say that the evolution of Kaizers will reach its pinnacle with Volume III. The monkey has climbed down from the tree and is now walking erect!

 - The musical scope of this album is enormously wide, then?

- Absolutely, and that was the entire point for us. Making a trilogy would have been pointless if one in retrospect could say that all the songs could just as easily have been compressed into one good album instead. All along, the plan has been to explore every nook and cranny of the Kaizer universe, something which has resulted in everything from pop ballads to hysterical Gypsy songs to rap tunes to straight rock to dance floor “ompa” and now finally also a musical-reminiscent sound.

 - The musical genre is not one everybody is equally fond of …

 - We are aware of that, but even though some negative associations might pop up in people’s heads, it is still the most precise way of describing the music on Volume III. The album is a far cry from preformatted pop, if anyone was worrying we were heading in that direction. The songs are long and vast, most of them contains many themes that are not repeated, and within each song there is a wide span ambience-wise. At the same time, though, the songs are catchy, intense, up-beat, melodious, beautiful, ugly and rhythmical and everything else that might serve to characterize our sound. In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter what label you choose to slap on it. The only thing that matters is that it’s great music!

 - You do continue to challenge your fans, that is for sure. With you, there is always something new and exciting in the works!

 - Yes, and we have always enjoyed doing that. When “Ompa til du dør” came out, there was no one who really thought that a Balkan-inspired rock band singing in Norwegian was such a great idea, but it turned out that we did strike a nerve anyhow. We think we will strike a nerve with this release as well. Both those who like us and those who don’t will have to reconsider what they think of us after this, and that’s the way we like it.

 - You seem to be very pleased with yourselves?

 - Right now, with the studio recording adrenaline still pumping through our veins, we are completely convinced that this is the greatest material we have ever recorded. It feels a little bit like the past eleven years only have been a prelude, and that this is really it. People have whispered the words “delusions of grandeur”, but we choose to come right out and say that that’s exactly what it is!

 - Since the orchestra compositions and the strings are such central components on Volume III, how do you plan to solve this when playing live?

 - First we’ll be playing six shows with KORK (the Norwegian Radio Orchestra) at the Norwegian Opera House in Oslo in January (tickets will be made available on May 19 at 10 a.m. sharp!), and there we will be presenting the full-scale versions of the songs. We will be doing the same with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra for one night in Stavanger, and hopefully also one night in Bergen. After that, we will be playing the band-only versions at clubs and festivals. We’re not worried about that, though, because these songs work equally well as pure piano versions via the regular band constellation to full-scale orchestration. Besides, it would be great if people for once would think that the album versions are better than the live versions. We, at least, have given 100% in order to make a sensationally great album!

 In other words, there is a lot to look forward to, people. Volume III will be out in November 2012, and the first single is expected at the beginning of September!