News: New releases: Trilogy box set and Opera House-DVD!
Posted: Dec, 8, 2013

(Photo: Paal Audestad) "A night at the Opera" one of the highligts of Kaizers career, now available on DVD and Bluray!

The oil barrel is no longer an instrument. Neither is the wheel rim. The pump organ is yet again only played at Christian meeting houses, and the suit is no longer an article of clothing in which to sweat and play ompa music. Life has indeed become a little bit different since Kaizers Orchestra put down the crowbar on September 15, 2013.

After 12 years, and with eight albums, about a hundred songs, a thousand shows, ten thousand liters of sweat and hundred thousand miles on the road under their belt, Kaizers Orchestra had, by the time they danced their last waltz on September 14, 2013, said most of what needed to be said – but not everything. What was left unspoken then will be said now in December, with the following releases:


An Evening at the Opera ("En aften i Operaen"). DVD and Blu-ray. Release: December 9.

One of the highlights in the career of Kaizers Orchestra was to perform the entire Violeta, Violeta Volume III at the Opera House in Oslo along with conductor Erlend Skomsvoll, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and the Oslo Philharmonic Choir in January 2013. This project marked the end of a comprehensive musical journey for Kaizers Orchestra, and the performance reflected the band’s musical development throughout the 12 years of their career. One of the six sold-out performances at the Opera was filmed by the production company Monster and mixed by Yngve Sætre, and is now ready for release. The bonus material included is a concert at Kvarteret in Bergen from the “Ompa til du tour” in 2002.

An audio version of the Opera House performance will be made available through streaming services concurrent with the DVD/Blu-Ray release. There will be no separate physical release of the concert audio, only the streaming version.


Violeta, Violeta vinyl box set, with a bonus 7-inch single and the photo book FotoFoto. Limited edition, 1000 copies. Release: December 12.

Kaizers Orchestra’s final, spectacular album project, the trilogy Violeta, Violeta, is compiled in its entirety in this exclusive vinyl box set. As a special gift to their fans, the band has included a vinyl single with the two songs that didn’t make it onto Volume III, «Stjerner i posisjon» [«Stars aligned»] and «Cecilia I. Velur”. These two songs conclude the trilogy once and for all. Composer Janove Ottesen has the following to say about them:

- “Stjerner i posisjon” is a pop song that didn’t quite fit in on Volume III, but I still like very much. It is a little airy, almost Caribbean, with a powerful staccato, musical-style, chorus. Maybe the closest we’ve ever gotten to indie music? The lyrics are about Violeta, who is contemplating life, the now and the end of it all, at which point we’ll hopefully be reunited with all the people we have known, but perhaps also with all those we should have known.

- “Cecilia I. Velur” is yet another lovely psalm, recorded live with only Omen on piano, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and myself on vocals. Volume III already had plenty of beautiful and tender moments, therefore we saved this crooning sensation for the trilogy box set. The lyrics are written as a letter signed Cecilia I. Velur, Beatrice’s maid of honor, and are about the intricate relationship between them.

The physical edition of the single will only be available in this box set, but the two bonus tracks will be made available through streaming services on December 24, as a final Christmas greeting from Kaizers Orchestra. A photo book of 152 pages will also be included, as an added bonus. The book documents the life of Kaizers during the trilogy years, 2010 to 2013, up close and personal. Photos and text are courtesy of merch salesman/photographer Arne Bru and Kaizers guitarist/amateur photographer Geir Zahl.

Re-releases of back catalogue on vinyl  
Many have inquired about new editions of the Kaizers catalogue on vinyl, since the previous editions are all sold out and no longer available. We are happy to inform you that all Kaizers releases (except for Våre demoner, which will remain a limited edition release) will be reprinted and made available on vinyl. The release date for the albums Maestro, Maskineri and Violeta, Violeta Volume I, II and III is December 9, while Ompa til du dør and Evig pint will not be ready for release until at the very end of the year.

A new web shop will also open on on December 9. Here, you can buy official Kaizers merchandise safely and efficiently!

PS! The Kaizerstore on DO ship abroad, and you can buy all of the above on there!