Hjerteknuser video innspilling. Foto Gunhild Oddsen
Hjerteknuser video innspilling. Foto Gunhild Oddsen

Hjerteknuser Resurrects!

8 May, 2023

Today, Hjerteknuser reached second place on Spotify's list of the most played songs in Norway. A pretty sensational feat for a 12 year old song!

What goes viral and why is one of the big questions of our time. Apparently these things happen more or less randomly, at least it seems that way. Regardless of what has happened this time, "Hjerteknuser" has recently been the wallpaper of TikTok, accompanied by pictures where young girls show off their rings to the text stanza "On my finger I have your ring / on the ring it says that / you are my heartbreaker"

Not only that, at another end of the TikTok universe, a debate has flared up about whether the Sami band Rolffa's version of the said song is better than Kaizer's version. Opinions are as divided as a broken heart, but the discussion has led to Rolffa's cover version also gaining momentum. Now all that's left is for Moi to come on the field and claim the first place she won in the Hjerteknuser cover competition back in 2010!

- It's great fun to see an old song get new life in this way, Janove Kaizer says to Kaizers.no.

- This shows some of the magic music can accomplish. A good song can appeal across generations and trends and suddenly have a huge upswing. It is of course both fantastic fun and very inspiring for us to see that Hjerteknuser flies by himself, without our help.

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