Alle Kaizerplatene reutgis på vinyl
Alle Kaizerplatene reutgis på vinyl

Vinyl party in 2023!

8 May, 2023

Kaizers Orchestra will reissue the entire album catalog on freshly pressed vinyl over the next six months. One album per month until the start of the tour in September, and pre-sales start on Friday 27th January at 10am!

"Ompa til du dør" got a sneak-start release during its 20th anniversary in 2021, but now all the other albums in the Kaizer catalog are coming out, remastered, especially for vinyl.

There are two versions of each album, a standard 180 gram black vinyl, and an exclusive limited edition version with colored vinyl pressed in only 1000 copies.

The albums were also printed at T-Time Vinyl Plant in Stavanger, of which Janove himself is a co-founder and co-owner. Janove personifies the renaissance the vinyl format has experienced in recent years.

- It has been a journey for me, yes. In the 12-year period we released albums, vinyl was not a particularly sought-after format. And not for me either. "Ompa til du dør" was printed with the "Død manns tango EP" cover, and we didn't even get it. We were so little involved and hands on back then. But eventually I became more fascinated and started visiting vinyl shops on tour. Eventually I became a sort of collector. In the end, the interest ran so wild that I took the wild step of initiating the creation of my own vinyl printing company in Stavanger.

Which now garners praise from both far and near for excellent quality vinyl. Congratulations on that! But what does so-called "remastering for vinyl" really mean?

- The physical limitations of vinyl mean that you have to "master" the music within certain limits. You can't go "over the line" and push the volume as high as you can on a digital mastering, the bass or bottom must also be in mono. The upside is that there is less limiting and that the dynamics are greater. In this way, vinyl can be experienced as slightly more pleasant and organic to the ear.

So now we finally get the Kaizer catalog in its full glory on vinyl?

- Yes, finally. That is why we have not printed re-orders of our albums until now, until we could be "hands on" and guarantee an optimal result.

We'll be back with direct links to stores on Friday!

Release Dates:

Eternal Pint (24/2)

Maestro (24/3)

Machinery (21/4)

Violeta Violeta Volume I (26/5)

Violeta Violeta Volume II (6/23)

Violeta Violeta Volume III (25/8)

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